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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Write Better Articles

Writing isn’t an easy task for many writers. There are some topics that just stump them and leave them wondering where to start. Getting a direction for an article takes some work sometimes. In order to provide the best content for the readers, writers have to get creative, think fast and put it all together in a cohesive thought pattern in terms that anyone can understand. It’s not as easy as you think, and even freelance writers struggle to accomplish the task. A few pointers are below to help writers produce better articles.

Browse References for Ideas
It never hurts to search the title of topic of the article you’re preparing to write. Reading another writer’s approach to a topic is helpful. It lets other writers see what has already been written and leaves room for them to build their own thought process on the topic.  While browsing reference materials, take a few notes. It will help the flow of the writing and will help ideas come more naturally as the content starts to take shape.

Use Simple Terminology
Unless otherwise stated, keep terminology simple. Getting technical automatically tells a reader the content will be boring. Your introduction needs to grab the audience’s attention; if it doesn’t all that time spent composing the article was for nothing. Most readers just want to enjoy the article and the content. Don’t make it more difficult for them than it has to be.

Write First, Title Last
For some writers, coming up with a title is the hardest part. A great tip is to write the content first, skim over it and then title it. The content is important but the title is what makes an audience want to read the content. The more creative and exciting the title is, the more likely it is to be reviewed by more readers.

Use Visual Stimulation Items
Sometimes visual stimulation helps a writer to be more creative and produce a better piece. For writers, visual stimulation is generally abstract art, something similar to Picasso. The story behind the painting or piece of art is what helps guide the mind. It also acts as a good mind clearing tool to help a clear direction form. It’s truly amazing what art and music can do for a writer, it’s just calming and helps the words flow better.

Write from Start to Finish
Tell the story from start to finish. All good stories have a beginning, climax and conclusion. An article is essentially an informative story that is used to draw in the attention of a broad audience. Within the story you’re telling, you need to fit a little personality into the words. Imagery is what paints a picture in the reader’s mind. The picture helps tell the story and helps the reader develop their own thoughts on the topic. If you have to, create an outline and work from that. For larger pieces, over 700 words, it is ideal to use the assistance of an outline. It helps the article, your facts and your thoughts all come out in proper order and tone.

Keep in mind that revisions may be required from time to time, that comes with the territory of being a writer. Perhaps a comment is too controversial or is not explanatory enough, a few simple fixes will have the article approved and published in no time.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Top 5 Comments about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, a city of 2.5 million (more populous than all but 3 cities in the U.S.), recently admitted at the most awkward press conference ever that he smoked crack last year while in a drunken stupor.  Here are the funniest comments about or fake quotes about the incident:

5: He lives in a van, down by the river!

4: Marion Barry: "Ford would make a fine Mayor of Washington D.C."

3: Rob Ford: "Can't you [the media] use a picture of me smoking crack instead of that one of me having an accident [pictured above]?"

2: Headline: Chris Farley Found Alive, Though Not Well, in Canada

1: Rob Ford: "I'm sorry; I was in a drunken stupor and high on crack at the time of that press conference."

Sorry Rob, but you brought this on yourself.  Have you heard any good ones about Rob Ford?  If so, share in the comments below!

The site is back in operation, and will be making occasional posts as the mood hits us.  Thanks for enduring our delay!  Twitterers, follow me @DaveKozlowski or Like the Kooz Top 5 on Facebook. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Defunct, Just Dormant Like Mothra

You'll notice that we haven't updated in a while.  We are still here, but we're on hiatus.

The truth is, the Kooz Top 5 is a lot of work, and trying to bring you the funny every day is overwhelming for   our one and a half person staff.  Especially since there is no money in this.  None.  No "donate" button; nothing.  Hell, we have ads, but we bury them at the bottom of the page (they are so ignored that over the life of the KT5, the ads haven't generated enough revenue to qualify for actual payment!).

Still, we want to continue.  We are looking for contributors.  Can you write (even a little)?  How about a "top 5" once a week?  If so, email us.

Here's some stats: the site, dormant as it is, still gets about 400-500 unique visits per day (and that's from Google Analytics, not the jive, spam-filled stats from Blogger).  Each article, depending how well it is promoted and how interesting it is, gets between 50 and 200 unique views on its first day.  After that, it gets archived by Google and shows up in searches.

We can offer you no pay.  But, you'll write, and your writing will be read by real people!  Oh, and if you have a website or something else you want to pimp, that's fine too.

Sound cool?  Join the dark side...