Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top 5 Annoying Sounds on the Commuter Train

I commute from Connecticut to Manhattan daily, usually by train. When I arrive to work agitated, it's usually due to one of the following.

5: Talking - Unless you are a child--and a small one at that--you shouldn't be talking above a whisper on the train.  This (obviously) doesn't apply to the beverage car; or to the vestibules, where it's okay to chat, be on a call, etc.  But if your're sitting next to a stranger at 8:15 a.m., and you see someone you recognize sitting two rows away, it is not okay to yell out: "Hey Bob, it's Mindy--Jack's sister!  Did Jack tell you he's going to Peoria for a wedding?  I know--Peoria!"

4: Headphones that are too loud - If I can make out the lyrics to the song you are listening to and you're wearing headphones, you need to turn down the volume.  Ass.

3: TV without headphones - This is ridiculous, and shouldn't be on this list becaue it shouldn't ever happen.  That said, I was on a very quiet early-morning train filled with people in suits reading the Times.  A guy was taking up two seats--one for him to sit, and one for his portable DVD player which was running an epsiode of Sanford and Son on full blast.  There is so much wrong with that situation that I don't even know where to begin.

2: Playing games on cell phone or iPad with volume up - One of the most annoying sounds in the world is a video game that someone else is playing which you can't see.  It's especially awful when you're trying to read, sleep, or play your own game with the volume off.

1: Phone calls - How have people not come to understand this?  It is not okay to use your phone in your seat on a quiet train!  Nobody wants to hear one side of your inane conversation about how your step-dad is lousy in bed and that's why your mother is leaving him (true story).  These people always seem to the same folks who are huge advocates of privacy rights--cognitive dissonance anyone?

What annoys you on your commute?  Do you even have a commute?  Share your thoughts and stories below. 


  1. I Guess it's time to move to NYC. I'll watch your house.

  2. Amen. #3 is the absolute worst. I would add to #5 that kid's under 10 should not be on the train at all.

  3. If you've ever heard someone clipping their TOENAILS (?!?!) on the train, you would have a new #1.

  4. The worst was when I used to take the train into the city from Stamford...Fridays was the worst in the summer. When all these little kids were on the 5am train to go see some stupid concert at Good Morning America and their parents fill em up with sugar so they'd stay awake...I say no kids on the morning rush hour trains.