Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 5 Best "Corey" Movies

In the mid-80s, Corey Feldman hit his acting stride starring in Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985), and Stand By Me (1986).  Corey Haim was not as popular, but was building a solid, if not successful, career of his own.  Then these two Coreys teamed up in The Lost Boys, and changed the world of television forever.  Okay, "forever" is a stretch.  I'm pretty sure I recall them claiming they would be bigger than Abbott and Costello, or something like that, which is an obvious "fail."  Still, they did make a few movies together.  Here are their best offerings (10 points if you've seen all 5).

5: Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008) - This sequel to The Lost Boys is the last movie the Coreys made together before Haim's death from an overdose in 2010.  Falling well-short of its namesake (or more appropriately, cashing-in on it), this movie is awful.  Worse, Haim is in it for only a moment right at the end.  But as dreadful as this piece of crap is, and with only a few seconds of Haim, The Tribe is still better than all but four of their joint on-screen endeavors.

4: National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994) - A film so bad it will make you angry (see the trailer at Rotten Tomatoes).  You thought a turd so imperfect could only be shat by a Wayans, but the (writer, director, producer--who do we blame credit?) here made a comedy so predictable and goofy, that it serves as a study in how to stifle humor.

3: Blown Away (1992) - This movie has only one single redeeming grace--the cute girl from Charles In Charge (Nicole Eggert, not the other one) gets naked.

2: License to Drive (1988) - Heather Graham co-stars opposite the Coreys in this fun romp full of adolescent hijinks.  It wasn't too funny and it missed the touch of warmth that made Ferris Bueller's Day Off (released two years earlier) one of the most memorable teen movies of the 80s, but License To Drive is an entirely watchable film.

1: The Lost Boys (1987) - Yes, the Coreys made one legitimately good and enjoyable movie together.  The Lost Boys is a cult horror/vampire classic, and though the effects don't hold up so well over time, the film is bolstered by serious star power and an appealing storyline and a well-drafted script.  The Coreys are also funny here--which is odd, since their later attempts at humor fell flat.

And there you have it--anyone seen all five?  Let's hear your opinion on the list or your reminisce about the Coreys in general in the comments below.  ...And don't forget to +1, tweet, or share this post on Facebook!

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  1. No Dream a Little Dream? Cocoon meets Vice Versa. And Dream a Little Dream 2? Yikes.