Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top 5 Coolest Transformers (Cartoon)

Transformers was a great show.  It had action, drama, and cool characters--all an 11 year old needed in an after school cartoon.  It was one of the first shows I watched that had a feature-length movie in theaters.  I saw it when I was 10, and all I remembered was the Transformers swearing--way cool.  Here's my list of the coolest Transformers from the cartoon (not the coolest Transformer toys--that's a topic for the future).  (For you nerds who know what this means, this deals with Generation 1 Transformers only.)

5: Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots, Prime transformed from a big rig to a cool robot with a battle platform.  Prime was also one of the best leaders on kid-tv.  He surrounded himself with talent and utilized other autobots to take advantage of all their unique skills.  (Note: Even if you don't normally click the links in these blogs, click on Prime's name for a good laugh.)

4: Soundwave - Three things made Soundwave great.  (1) He had a cool computerized voice made by a vocorder.  (2) In his robot mode, he had a dope cannon on his shoulder like a pirate with a parrot.  (3) In his transformed mode, he was a boombox who had other transformers living inside him in the form of cassette tapes whom he could call on for various tasks.  That's enough to get him into the top 5.

3: Grimlock - He was a crazy bad-ass, but he was a good guy, and that idea was new and different for me.  He also transformed into a robotic T-rex, which was just ridiculously awesome to us kids.  He was a robot, a dinosaur, and a Transformer.  Nobody cared that his character was essentially mentally challenged--he was just awesome.

2: Megatron - Voiced by the legendary Frank Welker (Fred from Scooby Doo, The Real Ghostbusters, as well as many, many more roles you'd know), Megatron transformed from an energy blast firing Walther P38 to a bad-ass looking silver robot with a laser cannon strapped to his arm.  Plus, he was an asshole--the perfect villain.

1: Starscream - He turned into an F-15!  He was also open about his desire for a coup d'etat overthrowing Megatron and installing himself as Decepticon leader.  He's among the smarter Decepticons and he's a sneaky, underhanded, untrustworthy jerk, which fans found endearing.

Sorry Smokescreen and Bumblebee fans, but they doesn't make the cut.  Well, who's your favorite?  Post below...

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