Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top 5 Least Funny Comedies on Adult Swim

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network after dark.  It's credited with fueling the second comings of Family Guy and Futurama, but it also runs a lot of its own programming.  Some of its shows are real winners.  Others, not so much...  Here are the losers (and clips for each at the links):

5: The Drinky Crow Show - Based on a comic strip nobody reads found in your free neighborhood weekly paper, the show sounds like it could be funny.  The main characters are a drunk crow and a drunk monkey who spend their time on boats and in bars, apparently in the 19th century.  However, the show turned out to be about two annoying assholes, and not much else.

4: Assy McGee - In contrast, this show is not based on a funny premise.  Here, a pair of legs and buttocks walk and mumble while playing the role of tough-guy police detective.  Jokes include the buttocks firing his gun, and the buttocks drinking beer as though its anus were a mouth!  Oh, the hilarity--it's a butt, and it's a cop!  I can't believe that someone sat through the pitch meeting and still signed on for 20 episodes and two seasons of this.

3: Fat Guy Stuck In Internet - A live-action show about a fat computer nerd sucked into his internet to save humanity--think Tron, only not cool and with crappy effects.  Unfortunately, this show is about as funny as Tron, which is to say, not at all.  It was poorly written and poorly acted.  People have made better shows from their garages.

2: Xavier: Renegade Angel - Here is how the show is described in Wikipedia: "The show is known for its ubiquitous use of surrealist and absurdist humor presented through a psychedelic and New Age lens."  Great, a show that's not funny and tries to make you feel stupid for not laughing at it.  I'll pass on the surrealist and absurdist--I prefer my humor to be funny, regardless of the "lens."  Everything about this show sucks.

1: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job - Hey Tim and Eric--lousy show, terrible job, please go home.  Need more reasons to hate this show?  How about this, or this, or this?  It's like two of your unfunny friends put together a bad sketch comedy show.

So I know there are legions of Tim and Eric fans out there--if any of you find your way here, defend your show below.  Anyone else watch Adult Swim?  What shows do you love/hate?


  1. I think you need to have a certain type of humor to really enjoy TAEASGJ. It's a fucked up, eternally screwed in the head, sick, twisted, perverted and pretty immature humor. That said, I have seen Tim and Eric live, twice; have seen every single episode, plus whatever else I could find on the innernet and actually have get togethers with my mentally incognizant friends to watch season premiers. I'm sorry you don't appreciate one of my most favorite shows in the world.

  2. Adult swim has nose dived. It used to be much better.

  3. I've tried, SunnyD. I really have. I used to like really stupid humor, and still do sometimes, but T&E are not clever, they are just weird for the sake of being weird, which I have a hard time finding funny.

  4. The cancer that is killing AS: 
    -Shit anime (Bleach)
    -Family Guy