Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I Hate Last Night's Cabbie

Last night I worked late on a presentation for the morning.  I left my office at 9:18 hoping to catch the 9:37 train out of Grand Central.  It takes 20 minutes to walk, 11 by subway (if you don't have to wait), and 7 by taxi.  Not wanting to take any chances, I flagged a cab.

5: Rather than go across town at 52nd, he started driving down Broadway toward Times Square.  Even a person who's never been to NYC could tell you traffic will be really heavy on Broadway as you approach Times Square.

4: He moved to the far right-hand lane.  This seems like nothing unless you know that Broadway is a 4 lane road with bumper to bumper NYC traffic, and Grand Central is on the left.

3: I told him to get back over to the left, and that I was pissed and going to miss my train.  It was now 9:29 and we had moved 6 blocks.  He moved to the left lane behind a parked car, then couldn't merge back into traffic for 2 lights!

2: At 9:35 I told him I had 3 minutes to catch my train.  He said he's go left on 42nd Street, not knowing that cops don't allow left turns onto 42nd from Broadway at certain times.  He had to go down to 40th to turn left, which means he over-shot Grand Central by a few blocks, and we still weren't across town.

1: At 9:42 I told him to stop the meter and that I'd walk.  I had missed my express 9:37 and the local 9:40.  Next train wasn't til 10:22, which meant I wouldn't get home until 11:30.  As I was paying--fool that I am, I paid him--he had the balls to blame the traffic.  This is the same traffic he drove into and should have avoided in the first place! 

What an asshole!  Maybe I'm the asshole for paying.  Oh well.  Sitting on the train now.  Back to my dreaded commute.  Sorry for the rant.  Back to your regular programming tomorrow.


  1. UGH that would make me furious! What a douche.

  2. Sounds like someone who "learned" NYC from a map and not from driving. At least he didn't ask for a cross street for Grand Central.

  3. You should change this blog name to "you know what really grinds my gears?" Or maybe that can be your other blog.

  4. Pretty sure he was taking the long way to get a higher fare. You don't do that, but you especially don't do that to people who work in the City. So ridiculous.