Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 5 Sweets That Don't Exist Anymore, But Should

Who doesn't love remembering extinct candies and other treats?  I left off novelty candies (the Ken Griffey Junior candy bar, for example); there are just too many and too few are memorable.  One interesting thing I noticed--I am a big chocolate fan, but not a single chocolate entry made the top 5.  Anyway, here's a tasty trip down memory lane...

5. Ecto Cooler - The Real Ghostbusters cartoon heavily featured Slimer, a bad guy from the movie Ghostbusters, who morphed into a sort of a sidekick on the cartoon.  Ecto Cooler was created by Hi-C to take advantage of this loveable sidekick and sell some Citrus Cooler under a new name.  One day, someone realized that the cartoon was off the air, there hadn't been a Ghostbusters movie in years, and Ecto Cooler disappeared.  Or did it?

4. Fruit Wrinkles - There was something delicious about these little fake fruit bites.  They were tiny, tasty, and had a texture that hasn't been matched by anything similar (really--my wife has bought no less than a few dozen various fruit snacks over the years, only to be disappointed time and time again).  We miss you, Fruit Wrinkles, please come back!

3. Bonkers - Remember Bonkers?  You'd eat them, then giant fruit would fall from the sky and kill you!  Awesome!  These were great.  They looked cool (I can't find a good pic, but you get the idea from the wrapper), and tasted really good too.  I'd probably hate them now because they were so sweet, but at 12, I loved Bonkers.  (You thought I was gonna say I was bonkers for them, didn't ya?)

2. Pine Bros. Cough Drops - These were the soft, chewy alternative to Luden's.  I can remember all the kids buying these and eating them like candy.  They were a perfect treat--a nice combination of chewy, yet hard; sweet, but not too sweet; juicy, but not make-you-drool juicy.  They stopped making these some time ago...but lo and behold, they're back!  Haven't tried the re-launch, but will always fondly remember the originals.  (One note--the re-launch comes in a new package with the name/tagline: "Pine Bros. Softish Cough Drops"--I love the word "softish"!)

1. (Original) Good 'n Fruity - The original version of these were similar to their licorice cousins, only with fruit flavors.  They were amazing--a candy shell that was sweet and crunchy, covering a fruit licorice center that was juicy and flavorful.  Good 'n Fruity was revived as a brand, but the new version are basically jelly beans.  This is number one on the list because the originals were really good, but more so because the comeback was (and is) so disappointing.

Okay, technically, Bonkers did have a chocolate version, but there's no way we're counting that, right?  Let's hear what you've got...  And don't forget to share this on Facebook or Tweet it using the links below!


  1. Jello Pudding Pops!

  2. Yes to the pudding pops.

  3. I only remember Ecto Coolers. Too young for the others I guess.

  4. Marathon bar. They still make them in Canada under a different name, though.

    -Jim in LA