Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 5 Television Cyborgs

As all dorks know, a cyborg is a being which is part biological and part robotic.  A sci-fi staple, cyborgs have been responsible for decades of nerdgasms.  These are my favorite cyborgs from t.v. (sadly, this is actually a top 5 list for me...):

5: Inspector Gadget - Didn't think of him when you thought of cyborgs, did ya?  What would childhood have been without Inspector Gadget?  Probably the same, only we wouldn't have made the joke "go, go, gadget arms" whenever we couldn't reach something.  Still, nostalgia dictates I include him.

4: Cybermen - Despite having the second least creative name on the list, the Cybermen are interesting villains in the Dr. Who universe who are bent on "deleting" humans and turning them into more Cybermen.  After invading the planet, Cybermen broadcast to the humans: "Cybermen will remove fear.  Cybermen will remove sex and class and color and creed.  You will become identical.  You will become like us."  Sounds like [insert your opposing political party here] to me!

3: Borg - "Borg," really?  All they did was drop the "cy"!  That is so lame, and I was disappointed enough at Star Trek: The Next Generation for this that they only rank third on my list.  Plus, they are a sort of Cybermen ripoff in that they were also bent on creating more of their race by "assimilating" humans.  However, these were cool because they were involved in several interesting storylines, and they assimilated not only humans, but every race they encountered (which makes sense; of course since it was Star Trek, every race looked like humans with Halloween facial prostheses, so, not that big a deal I guess).

2: Daleks - Also from the Dr. Who-verse, Daleks are the gaudiest looking cyborgs on the list, by far.  What makes the Daleks cool is their sarcasm.  They are also cool because they look so goofy--they are kitschy in this sleek, iPad/Google age.  The new incarnation of Dr. Who didn't really redesign the Daleks, so they look pretty much how they did in the 60s, which is also kind of cool and fun.

1: Cylons - The Cylons were created by man--and were created to be awesome.  The reimagined Battlestar Galactica and its prequel show Caprica show us exactly what Cylons are capable of--but no spoilers here.  I'm not gonna say any more than that if you are a sci-fi fan and you haven't watched the reimagined BSG, you need to.  There's a reason the Cylons are number 1.

So there you have it--my nerd side exposed for the world to see (because this blog made people think I was sooo cool until now).  What do you think?  Any big omissions?  Disagreements?  Please comment below!


  1. Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman?

    This post just makes me realize (again) that I really need to get into Doctor Who.

  2. This is the best blog I've ever read!!!

  3. Note on Cylons- In the original Battle Star Galactica they were not a products of humans, they were created by a reptilian race who saw humans superior and threatening. The Cylons turned on that race, destroyed them and then came after the humans.
    Personally I enjoy the hubris and goofiness of the first show. The re-incarnation of BSG was too melodramatic and angsty, making it unwatchable to me.

  4. Nice list! I was torn between the Cybermen and the Daleks on my list. I went with the Daleks, just because they're more iconic. Even people who've never seen an episode of Doctor Who can recognize the Daleks.

    The name is funny, too. It would be like calling the Klingons "the Lobstermen."