Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 5 Worst 80s Sitcoms that we Actually Watched

A lot of great shows came out of the 80s, but here are a few rare misses that lasted long enough to establish a following...

5. Full House - Does this count as an 80s sitcom?  It ran from '87 to '95.  Anyway, Bob Saget is so funny and so raunchy--but not in this show.  In Full House, Bob plays Danny Tanner, a loser who lives with a failed rock star, a lonely man who plays with puppets, and a gaggle of kids including Mike Seaver's real-life sister, Candice Cameron.  The show is about how everyone is a loser, but that's okay because as long as you live with other losers, life is bearable.  At least I think that's what it was about--I had a lot of trouble caring what was happening by the end of episodes...  Besides, this show spawned the careers of Olsen twins, and that's reason enough to have the show at number 5..

4. Webster - All you need to know about this show you can get from this picture.  See how pissed the guy looks?  That's the same face you'll be making when you realize a half hour of your life has slipped past, and you'll never have it back.

3. Mama's Family - It's a youngish woman playing an old lady--oh how clever.  Cheap sets, lousy acting, and truly unfunny humor, this show had no redeeming qualities.  Here is, apparently, the "funniest" moments in the show's history.  Yes, "funniest" belongs in quotes.

2. Small Wonder - What do you get when you mix bad writing and bad acting with really bad pseudo-sci-fi?  You get a girl unlike other girls!  Terrible.  Besides, what kind of creep is capable of building a realistic android, and does so in the form of a 10 year old girl?  This kind.  Dude, come on.

1. Family Matters - What a shitshow this was.  The show started as a boring, run-of-the-mill family sitcom, and would be comfortably sitting in the trashbin of history if not for a minor character, Steve Urkel.  Urkel eventually stole center stage with his hilarious infuriatingly annoying catch phrase: "Did I do that?"  Oh, Urkel, you did so much more than that.  You made Family Matters the worst sitcom of its decade.

Okay, before you say it, Charles In Charge was not a bad show.  It wasn't formulaic, it had Nicole Eggert, and it had Scott Baio--it was fun.  So what do you think should be number 1?  Anyone ever make it through a whole episode of Mam's Family?  We'd love to hear about it.  Oh, and don't forget to share or repost on Facebook by clicking the link below.

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  1. I don't think I remember Family Matters correctly. But, Full House is so shitty. Also, I know it's from about 88 or 89, but Saved by the Bell was so bad that it would definately be my number 1.

  2. I think Alf may belong on this list.

  3. From one Anonymous to another, I think you should reconsider Alf. It was so much better than a sitcom starring a puppet had a right to be.

  4. Silver spoons, Alf, Benson, Golden Girls, Roseanne. the list goes on and on. horrible TV at best. 

  5. Pretty much anything with canned laughter.  It's a red flag for crap.

  6. I'm sorry, but any decade that brought us Miss Suzanne Somers in "She's the Sheriff" (1987-1989) can only be considered the golden years of television.