Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 5 Best Guns N' Roses Songs

So I was just invited to a Gn'R concert in December.  I'm leaning toward not going, since I am not a big fan of anything Gn'R past the Use Your Illusion albums (The Spaghetti Incident?  Yuck.).  He told me I need to give a second chance to a bunch of Chinese Democracy songs.  I will, but in the meantime, here's my list of the five best Gn'R ever recorded.

5: You Could Be Mine - (Use Your Illusion II, 1991) - When T2 came out in theaters, it was an event--everyone was talking about it.  This song captures all the excitement of the movie with fast drum beats, faster guitars, and as always, interesting lyrics ("With your bitch slap rappin' and your cocaine tongue you get nothin' done").

4: Welcome to the Jungle (Appetite for Destruction, 1987) - Among the most recognizable openings of any song, ever.  (Go ahead, click the link and check.  See?  Told you so!)  Extra points for the B-side of this single being Mr. Brownstone--awesome in its own right.  This is Axl and Slash's first collaberation, and it's one of their most memorable.  No song touched this as a veiled warning for coming to the big city until Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind.

3: Patience (Lies, 1989) - One of the best monster ballads of all time, this song was entirely acoustic and entirely without percussion.  It's soulful and it speaks to a love we've all experienced--that confusing, possible unrequited (but possibly not) love.

2: November Rain - (Use Your Illusion II, 1992) - The best monster ballad ever--beating even Poison's awesome duo of Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Something To Believe In.  November Rain was like three songs in one, and it covered a full spectrum of emotions from elation through sadness to anger and settling on peace.  The video was pretty great too.

1: Sweet Child O'Mine (Appetite for Destruction, 1988) - I've explained to a lot of people that Axl, the name of the hot lead singer of Guns N' Roses, is a boy's name.  This song was written by Axl in five minutes when he heard Slash messing around playing the opening melody.  They originally thought it would be a throw away filler song on the album, but for my two cents, it's their most honest, sincere song.  Underneath the guitar, bass, drums, and screeching vocals, there's something just sweet about it all.

This was one of the hardest lists to narrow down--I'm sure you have comments on how stupid it was to overlook your favorite.  Let me have it below (and don't forget to Tweet or FB share this post).


  1. There's no way you're a real GNR fan with this list!  So wrong.  November Rain?  Seriously?!?!  Wow.  Two words:  Rocket. Queen.

  2. I like their covers from that era, actually - Sympathy for the Devil and Live and Let Die are two good ones.  Basically agree with Sweet Child at number one.

    And, er, "Rap"?

  3. Agreed.

    Mention of Jay-Z.  Still figuring out the labels.

  4. I completely disagree with Nick. My list for this would be very similar. Surprised to not see "Paradise City" on here... but so glad nothing from Chinese Democracy made the cut.

  5. The trouble is, which would you bump in favor of Paradise City?  Or either Don't Cry?  Or a dozen other songs?

  6. Ha@  It's ok to disagree.  The problem with this list is you need the obligatory "signature song" or two, but all 5 are signature songs.  It's basically the first and/or second single from their best selling 3 albums.  That's not what makes a "top songs" list accurate.  I would probably keep Sweet Child O'Mine, but not at #1.  The other 4 would probably not make the top 5.  Mr. Brownstone and Rocket Queen easily bump November Rain, probably Welcome to the Jungle and maybe November Rain.
    Basically, my point is that the list is the top 5 GNR downloads on iTunes - not the top 5 songs.

  7. ROCKET QUEEN! one of the most epic tunes ever. I'd also add You're Crazy from Lies - a nice bare bones version of a killer & frantic song.
    kellie june