Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 Best Halloween Songs

Another Halloween themed list--I'm getting into the season.  This is more of a "pop" list; it won't contain things like the theme to Friday the 13th or other orchestral type music.  I hope you'll find a song or two you didn't know, and come to appreciate them every October.  (I'm guessing they'll be #5 and #2, but who knows.)  Follow the song-name links to hear these tunes.

5: Zombie Zoo (Tom Petty) - A relatively unknown Petty song (in fact, that isn't Petty's video I linked to--just some video some couple made; Petty never made a video as far as I can tell).  It's often thought to be a prostitution cautionary tale, but it's actually about a deathrock club called "Zombie Zoo" in LA.  Deathrock was like punk/goth in the early 80s (or for those too young to know goth, think emo but less whiny).  Petty was eating at a restaurant next door to this club, met some of the kids who were at the club, and wrote this song.  Cool story; cooler song.

4: Nightmare On My Street (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) - I'm pretty sure I couldn't find a video because there were problems with copyright violation or trademark infringement or some such intellectual property nonsense when this came out, causing it to get pulled.  Anyway, maybe it's just my "Parents Just Don't Understand" hangover that makes me love this song, or maybe the mental image of Will Smith getting chased by Freddy Krueger.  Either way, this is a great song for thirty-somethings at Halloween (anyone older didn't care and anyone younger doesn't remember).

3: Thriller (Michael Jackson) - Vincent Price's laugh would alone raise this to top 5 status.  The video gives it the bump to number 3.  That may be unfair, since this is a Top 5 "songs"--not "videos"--list, however the video is simply iconic.  The song is really good too and might have made #3 on its own.

2: Monster Mash (The Misfits) - The Misfits took Bobby "Boris" Pickett's Halloween staple and sped it up to bring a gothic-punk feel.  Fast guitar and faster lyrics fire you up to play some serious beer pong at your Halloween party, or just chill in a crowded, costume-filled room and take it all in.

1: Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon) - Beat these lyrics for Halloween: "I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's--his hair was perfect.  Ahh-ooooooooooooooh, werewolves of London!  Huh--draw blood!"  If you can do so with a catchier beat and hook, I'll cede the number 1 spot to you.

Lots of good songs out there--let me know what good ones I'm missing so I can download them in time for the holiday!  And if you're feeling festive, check out these links: Best Trick-or-Treating and Best Vampire Movies; or for drinkers, Top Oktoberfest Beers, and Top Drinking Holidays.  And don't forget to share this on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Sorry to comment right after posting, but I feel the need to preempt my wife: Ghostbusters and Zombie Jamboree (Rockapella, not Kingston trio) are both excellent Halloween songs, but my list is what it is.

  2. This is Halloween redone by Marilyn Manson

  3. Nightmare on My Street video:

  4. I think the best song for Halloween is Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "I Put a Spell on You" :

    Also the music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, especially "Timewarp" :

  5. Good adds by Johnny_Majic.  Thriller has to be #1, though.  The rest of my top five: This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas), Ghostbusters, Nightmare on My Street, and Monster Mash (the original).

    For later at night: Tubular Bells (Exorcist Theme), Bark at the Moon (Ozzy), Sympathy for the Devil (Stones version), anything by Rob Zombie.

    Oddball choices: Requiem; the Fifth (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), March of the Witch Hunters (Wicked)

  6. I'd have to toss in Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party," and Jonathan Coulton's "re: Your Brains." Look it up. Hilarious.

    -Jim in LA