Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Rochester, NY

I lived in Rochester, NY for two years, and was fortunate enough to have some good friends with whom I could enjoy the town.  These are my top 5 favorite Ra-cha-cha activities.

5: Papercut Ninjas - Local punk cover band--three guys bringing you all the hits from the 80s, including 99 Luftballoons with one verse in the original German (but at a much faster pace, of course).  I was as much of a groupie as this band had, seeing them almost every time they played in the time I was living there.  Not that they  knew that or anything...

4: Dinosaur BBQ - A blues/biker/BBQ joint that attracted suits during the day, and a varied crowd at night.  Live music, a good bar and beer selection, and pretty amazing food, Dinosaur was one of the must-see places when I had visitors.

3: Wegman's - Wegman's is a supermarket, but the flagship store is so much more.  It's got prepared foods, a restaurant, and an amazing selection of foods (cheeses, olive oils, fruits and vegetables, etc.).  Oh, did I mention the gigantic walk-in beer fridge with the great selection of craft beers?  Yeah, that too.

2: Nick Tahoe Hots - Originator of the "Garbage Plate" and still the best plate in town.  What's a "Garbage Plate"?  Only the most amazing delicious food you've ever consumed form a Styrofoam container.  Just Google it.

1: The Old Toad - My vote for best bar in Rochester.  It was a real British pub that was brought over to the US.  They also had British students come and serve as the staff for months on end in some sort of tavern exchange program.  Another great thing--real ales--always three, and always changing by the week (or occasionally sooner).  This was a great place to drink, a great place to meet up with friends, and a great place to just chill after work.  Except for the one night where my bike was stolen from outside--that was not so great.

So that's my five.  Props go to the 10 Ugly Men Festival, but since I only went once, it wouldn't be fair to add it.  Anyone else been to/live in (or near) Rochester and want to weigh-in?  Do so below...


  1. Never was able to make it up to
    Rochester, kinda wish I had

  2. The ride home from the 10 Ugly Men Festival is something I will never be able to erase from my brain. Surviving that allows you to add it to your list.

  3. The street festivals Rochester has almost every weekend!

  4. I've been to Rochester many times since my sister lives and went to school there, and I agree  with Dinosaur bbq is the best place to eat! (17 bucks for a sampler for four kinds of meat plus chili!) Plus, it's a hour away from the Niagara falls where I can drink and gamble when I was under 21 (legal age is 19 over there), and of course to enjoy the falls