Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 5 Funniest Facebook Posts I Read This Week

I read #1 this morning and literally laughed out loud (or lol'd?  Do I need to write it out in a blog post?  Can anyone correct or confirm my blog grammar conundrum?).  It got me thinking that I often read funny quotes, comments, and observations form Facebook friends.  I scrolled back a few days and grabbed a few I think are funny/clever.  Also, these folks are pretty consistently interesting with their posts, so if you know 'em, friend 'em (my apologies if some links don't work--I got permission to use names, but privacy settings are what they are).

5: "J-Lo, do you really think we believe that you go back to 'the block' in your Kohl's clothes?" - Christie E. Cartolano

4: "'nick nick nick nick nick who who who won the tickets'  That was my phone's voice recognition technology for Amadeus, Amadeus.  Amadeus.  Amadeus, Amadeus.  Amadeus.  Amadeus, Amadeus.  Oh, oh, oh, Amadeus." - Suzanne Hereth Kozlowski

3: "Says apparently Hall of Hall and Oats will be performing live, somewhere in the area in a couple of weeks.  No Oates, just Hall.  Seriously?  That must be illegal in most countries." - Eileen Maher

2: "Just learned that 'deadmau5' is pronounced 'deadmouse' and not 'dead mow five' like I had believed." - Suzy Ruffy

1: "Just saw a guy using a payphone.  I can only assume he's being told where to deliver ransom money" - Gonzalo Daniel D'Alessandro

One I didn't use but which made me laugh was: "Imagine if vampires were real... damn" - Vinny C.  I don't know if it's objectively funny, or if it just caught me off-guard in a silly mood, but it made me lol.  Or laugh out loud.  Whatever.  What are the funniest things you've read on Facebook/Twitter lately?  Post them below (and don't forget to Tweet or FB share this link).


  1. I also LOLed at #1!

  2. I think the funniest part of my posts are people's reactions to them.  I say things to be funny and people just can't take it!

  3. Completely agree!  Hope people check out more of your funny, witty, and clever observations and, of course, comment on them!

  4. I *may* have also thought it was dead mow 5...