Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 5 Halloween Songs People Just Told Me About

Many folks provided feedback to my top 5 Halloween songs--some on the blog, some on Facebook, a lot on a Halloween message board I post to.  This included many songs I've either never heard before, or never associated with Halloween.  In the spirit of the season (get it, spirit?), today's top 5 is the best of these songs.

5: re: Your Brains (Jonathan Coulton) - A fun, funny, laid back song about zombie co-workers who want to come inside your office and eat your brains.  A great line: "We're not unreasonable, no one's gonna eat your eyes."

4: Dracula (The Ascetic Junkies) - A cool, light, bluegrass/indie-pop song with a nice sound, all about a young girl visiting Dracula.

3: Li'l Red Riding Hood (999) - A punk cover of the 1966 song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs with dark undercurrents of the wolf viewing Red as a meal (and impliedly viewing her as a sex object).  Perfect for Halloween.

2: Red Right Hand (Nick Cave) - I've heard this song in so many places for years, but it was never on my radar as a Hallwoeen song.  It's perfect though!  I'm still not entirely sure what it's all about, but it's got a cool, ominous sound to it, and it feels just creepy enough. 

1: Walk Like a Zombie (Horror Pops) - This song is awesome.  It's a bizarre, fun, pop song that I haven't been able to get out of my head since I first heard it a week or so ago.  Damn earworms.  Anyway, I couldn't find a website for the band, but I did find a youtube of the song.  Enjoy!

In light of these, and some other songs people pointed out that weren't on my list, I may need to re-think the original top 5.  But, that will have to wait for next year!  Thanks for all the suggestions to: Jim in LA, Kevin, Johnny_Majic, Mark, Frankie's Girl, stormygirl84, Xane, Dinosaur1972, DarkManDustin, black juju, Cyclone Jack, talkingcatblues, and davidrael.  As always, follow, Tweet, like, share, Digg, etc. this post.

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