Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 5 Items on Taco Bell's Menu

It's among the best fast food restaurants, and I'm hugely craving a run for the border, but not gonna do it...  Got me thinking about all the delicious (but gross) things on the menu though.  Here's the top 5 (but really, there aren't many menu items you can go wrong with).

They don't look like this.
5: Hard Taco - The original.  What makes the Taco Bell hard taco terrific is that if you give it some time, the beef-ish meat product soaks into the shell softening it enough that it won't crack when you bite into it.  There's a Goldilocks factor to this--too soon and the shell will crumble, dropping meat-like stuff into your lap.  Too late and everything will be cold and the grease will congeal slightly.  But when it's right--it's just right.

...or this.
4: Soft Taco - The first soft taco I ever had was from Taco Bell.  I remember them selling a six pack or something, and buying a sixer of soft tacos to bring to the movies (so much better than Milk Duds, and they don't stick to your teeth!).  In my defense, I was 13.  These are easy to eat and really good.  They used to cost less than a buck (and I don't mean 99 cents), but they've since increased--it's too bad.  But yeah, I still buy them.

...or this.
3: Double-Decker Taco - So, what's better than a hard taco and a soft taco?  Both, separated by a layer of refried beans.

...or this.
2: Chalupa - A chewy, slightly fried shell surrounding (probably) meat, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce... it's just amazing!  It isn't a true Mexican chalupa, but who cares--the shell is not as crispy, which makes it better.  Unlike so many things on the menu, the Chalupa has some heft to it and is filling and satisfying.  Plus, it's a unique texture, which is nice--it makes you feel like they made it just for you.

...but this isn't too far off.
1: Grilled Stuft Burrito - So it occurs to me that the insides of every Taco bell item are the same, and it's the method of getting it to your mouth that distinguishes each food item.  This is the exception.  First, you only need one--this burrito is enough to fill you.  I always throw in a few other items when I order because I get excited that I'm at Taco Bell, but I rarely eat them after having this burrito.  Second, something happens when the sour cream warms up and mixes with the juices from the meat and the other ingredients.  It becomes sweet and tangy...and awesome.  The rice is also a different ingredient from most other (non-burrito) menu items, which is cool in that it distinguishes the Grilled Stuft.  Finally, this is grilled!  They wrap it up then toss it  into what I imagine is a panini press.  I don't know if this helps in any way, but in my brain it does, and sometimes that's enough.  This is the King of the Border.

All these items are with beef (or whatever it is).  You don't order chicken at Taco Bell, and if you order steak, you have a very low opinion of steak.  Comment below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!


  1. CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH!!!!!! By far the best item on the menu. Hard taco, cheese layer and gordita shell with meat, lettuce, and more cheese topped with the, oh so delicious, baja sauce.

  2. My occasional cravings for Taco Bell are entirely your fault for introducing me to the "buy a 10-pack of soft tacos and split them".

    Gorditas need to be added in there somewhere. Hard tacos, blah.

  3. What, no shrimp?

  4. Beef Baha Gorditas with Fire Sauce!!!

  5. John, I am in absolute agreement that you cannot beat the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Most delicious. It' s not always on the menu board, but I have discovered that they will make it for me anyway if I just ask. Killer.

    -Jim in LA

  6. best item not still on the menu, the chilitto, also the best item of all time. yes, i remember u my friend the chilitto, and i miss you.

  7. gush01 - mystuff.tkDecember 15, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    Their Soft Tacos are my favorite ever since I was a kid I miss their tater tots they used to make
    Cheezy gordita its so bomb I always grab a bunch of their taco sauce. "Which sauce would you like?" ALL PLEASE!

    Only thing I hate about taco bell is I always regret it later. - - Runs to bathroom ahha