Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 5 Most Frustrating Droid Apps

There are hundreds of apps that are useless or have problems that prevent them from working.  This post isn't about those.  This is about the apps that could be useful, but have problems that make them too annoying to use.

5: Yahoo! Fantasy Football 2011 - The problem has since been fixed, but had been that every time the app was opened, the Yahoo! yodel would blast from your phone, regardless of whether or not you had the volume off.  Perfect terrible for updating your fantasy lineup during business meetings.

4: Talking Tom and all the related apps - My 20 month old loves these, but he can't control his little fingers, so he touches the screen in the wrong place bringing up ads or options to download the pay version of Talking Tom--all while simultaneously freezing the current "game," causing my son to freak out.  I finally dropped a dollar to stop this from happening.  Of course, the pay version also has places on the screen to touch that bring up ads and freeze the game.  So annoying.

3: Metro North - This is supposed to tell you the next few trains and whether they're on-time or late, helping you determine if the train arriving on track 3 is the one you need.  The problem is an update to the app that caused it to take forever to load, letting the trains depart before you could consult the app, making it worthless.

2: Words With Friends - It is such a fun and addicting game, but its the buggiest popular app on the Droid system.  Games disappear, it freezes and won't let you make moves, and suffers from a million other small problems.  It's death by a million papercuts.  I deleted it.  Plus, it didn't keep track of a win/loss record, games played, etc.--come on, such an obvious feature!

1: Evite - Evite does not have a Droid app.  Shame on Evite.  Really.  Although I shouldn't be surprised, Evite is the most user-unfriendly popular site on the interwebs.  So yeah, the worst app is this one that doesn't exist.

I have a Droid Incredible which suffers from the famous "storage problem" so I haven't downloaded many new apps lately.  Let me know what apps should be on this list but aren't--WARN US!!!  And as always, follow us on Twitter (@KoozTop5), and share us via Tweet, Facebook, or Google+ by clicking the links below.

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  1. Talking Tom is the most annoying thing ever. More than a dozen friends, family, and co-workers have brought this app up to me in an attempt to make me laugh. It's not funny, so stop. Also, Hanging with friends is unbelievably buggy like Kooz said, awful