Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 5 Reasons This Is The Last Sunday Top 5


I've been doing this for a while and been putting up a new post every day.  From now on, I'll be skipping Sundays.  Here's why.

5: Maybe it's because it's NFL season, but you guys don't read this blog on Sundays.  Maybe you're in church all day or something, hell, I don't know.  All I know is I see a big drop off on the weekends, but especially Sundays.

4: I work a lot, then I come home and work some more, then I sit down and research and draft a new top 5.  It's not easy!  I'm exhausted and need to reintroduce myself to my family and friends.  (Internal monologue: "Aww, poor me.  Like this is the reason I'm so busy.  Idiot.")

3: A really good top 5 is wasted on a Sunday.  For example, I did the Top 5 Yo Gabba Gabba Characters, which I really liked.  It got very few hits.  Also did the Top 5 Coolest Transformers.  Same result.  I don't want anyone to miss something good just because I posted it on a day when they aren't bored at work and therefore not screwing around online.

2: I annoy my Facebook friends and Twitter followers quite enough during the week.  A day without a link to this blog will be appreciated by them.

1: I just don't feel like it--there's too much going on Saturday night to worry about this blog.  Plus, I'm afraid of what kind of top 5 I might come up with drunk--we are heading into Oktoberfest/Halloween/Thanksgiving/X-mas season after all...

So that's it!  You'll still get (or be burdened with) Monday through Saturday...


  1. Sundays are for PJ's and coffee, not for work!

  2. Take the whole weekend off for petesakes.

    -Jim in LA

  3. Drunk?!?  Is that why you didn't say good bye to the babysitters?  And the baby was a load of fun - we let him stay up a little later because he was being so darn cute!!!!!