Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Yankees Will Beat Detroit

With Boston's and Atlanta's epic fails behind us, it's time to focus on postseason baseball.  What a great series for fans of baseball history--ghosts of Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, and Greenberg will be present when the Yankees beat the Tigers.  Here's why (why the Yanks will win, that is, not why the ghosts will be there--which they won't in reality, since ghosts aren't real).

5: CC is better in the postseason than Verlander.  Verlander was terrible in his one stint in the postseason (granted, he is having an anomalous year, so who knows).  He went 1-2 in 4 starts with a 5.82 ERA.  In the last two years, CC if 5-1 in 8 starts, and seems to step it up to the level of competition.

4: Tigers don't hit in the postseason.  Miguel Cabrera, Detroit's best hitter--has a subpar .265 career postseason batting average and .315 on base percentage.  Jhonny Peralta is the only Tiger with decent postseason stats (.333 average, .467 in the ALDS), but that's based only on 11 games 4 years ago, and he's considered an serviceable hitter at best.

3: Jeter ramps it up in Divisional Series.  He has a career .351 average and 10 homeruns, and he thrives on big games and big moments.

2: The rain-induced postponement of game 1 will help the Yankees.  CC can come back on short rest and be brilliant.  Tigers Manager Jim Leyland says he won't use Verlander on short rest.  The game will continue on Saturday, moving game 2 to Sunday.  Game 3 will be Monday, game 4--Tuesday, and game 5--Thursday.  That means CC can throw twice (games 3 and 5), but Verlander will only go once--either 4 or 5.  Even f Verlander isn't good (see #5), the less the Yanks see of him, the better.

1: They are the f'ing Yankees!  But seriously, that means they have a lot of experience--and being there does give an edge, however slight.  This is expected to be a pretty close series, and the experience factor could be the difference that puts the Yanks on top.

Who will represent better in the comments below?  Yankees fans or haters?  We'll see...


  1. I can't say anything. The Sox ended their season in the most crappily dramatic way I've ever seen.

  2. The Yankees lost the series to Detroit, so your theory is invalid. The Yanks got outpitched and cannot score runs in the critical time like in the 7th inning of the game 5!

  3. Mark D., yeah they lost, but don't impugn the theory. Here's a point-by-point: 5 - his is a wash, neither was very good (relatively speaking); 4 - Tigers didn't hit, so I got this one; 3 - Jeter stunk (except the one double), so this is a miss; 2 - the rain should have helped, since CC should have pitched 2 and 5, but Girardi played it differently (and wrong, imho); 1 - experience meant nothing this year--Yanks played like they'd never been there before.