Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Top 5 Reasons You Don't Need to Answer Your Smartphone Right Away

From time to time, the Kooz Top 5 will feature a guest blogger.  Now is one of those times.  Please welcome Michael Small who brings us today's top 5.  Take it away, Mike!

In many ways, technology has improved our lives.  We live in a world of instant news and current world events, high speed problem solving computers, and high efficiency green energy.  One technology has improved the ways we communicate, in both volume and speed: the smartphone.  Yet there are some who have abused this technological wonder and passed the decency boundary to the point where society now has 'cellphone free' zones.  This post is for those people.

5: The rest of this bus/subway/train car really doesn’t care what's for dinner or if Johnny did his homework--we just want to get where we are going without having to worry about math or dinner plans.  And for those mad-texters--when you assume your ‘text’ position in these cramped quarters, you intrude on our personal space…

4: Responding to your phone at the table with your hands below the table cloth doesn’t look like you are responding to an e-mail--it looks like something else… Yeah, we went there…

3: Are you showing the person you’re with that you are so important and have to respond to a text/e-mail right away?  Seems more like you're saying: “You don’t really matter to me--I’m just biding my time chatting with you, until the next ‘where r u’ or ‘lol’ comes in."

2: Yes--you'll be talking too loud for this elevator.  No matter what you say or do, the other people in this little rectangular box can hear what you're saying.  Covering your mouth and phone with your hand will muffle the noise, but we can still hear you.  Besides--you’re going to have to repeat yourself 5 times or say “What?” a bunch of times, and ultimately lose the call anyway.  How long is the elevator ride anyway?

1: You’re in a Bathroom--whatever you're saying/writing can wait its turn after a #1 (or #2--yeah, we went there too…).

What about you guys?  I'm sure you can come up with reasons people should leave their phones in their pockets.  Share your thoughts or let us know how Mike did by commenting below.  Thanks, Mike, for filling in.    As always, follow us on Twitter (@KoozTop5), and share us via Tweet, Facebook, or Google+ by clicking the links below.


  1. Cell phones really have made people way ruder in general. Keep the phone in you pocket while we are having a conversation.

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