Monday, October 3, 2011

Top 5 Sega Genesis Games

We previously looked at the Top 5 Nintendo Games, now let's turn our attention to Sega Genesis.  With its super-comfortable controller and ease of use, Genesis was the game system when I was in college in the mid-nineties.  Let's see what the good games were:

5: Golden Axe - This game was pretty cool.  It's the only action game on the list, and with good reason.  Golden Axe allowed you to choose the kind of character you wanted to play, use magic and weapons, and even ride animals, all as you hack 'n slash through Turtle Village on your way to fight Death Adder and regain the golden axe.  Or something.  Whatever, it was a fun game for the game play, not for the story.

4: NHL '93 - All you need to know about this game you could learn from Swingers.  "I'm gonna make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super fan number 99 over here"; and, "Check it out, little Wayne's legs are shaking."

3: Coach K College Basketball - Take your pick from the top 32 Division I-A basketball teams and kick some ass.  This game was probably the best basketball game for any system at the time it came out.  It was fun in part because you could choose one player to dominate, and you could run him until your opponent caught on.  There was no real X and O strategy, but you did need to psyche out your opponent.  I constantly lost this game to my roomate Chris, but it still rates #3 on my all-time list--it's got to be a good game if you can lose and still remember it fondly!

2: Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield's Boxing - I spent hours trying to create the perfect boxer then take him to the championship and through to retirement with a perfect record.  Difficult opponents, mandatory challengers with different skill levels, and deterioration of your boxer's skills at a certain point made getting the world title tough, getting there undefeated tougher, and retiring undefeated nearly impossible.  The game play was terrific.  This might be the best boxing game ever made.  (Punch-Out fans can criticize all they want, and I agree that Punch-Out was great, but it was a fun game with a boxing theme, not a boxing game.)

1: Madden NFL '94 - Simple formula to win: pick the Cowboys, line up in the shotgun, and pitch it to Emmitt Smith, and run anywhere.  He was faster and better than every other player in the game, and unfairly so (which was great if you got to pick the Cowboys).  This was the first viable football video game, and the last great football game that didn't require real strategy.

There were a lot of fun games for genesis, but not a lot you could call great.  But then again, maybe I'm wrong.  Come at me with what you've got.  (And yeah, I'm aware of Sonic, I just choose to ignore him.)  (If you like this post, please share it on Facebook or Tweet it using the links below.)


  1. There is no reason to leave out nba jam. Major ommission. Not only should it be on the list, it should #1. nhl 93 is way to low. (should be #2) . I'd probably include nhl 94 as well . holyfield boxing ruled. Totally forgot about that one. Never heard of #5.

  2. Jam was definitely a must. Sonic 2 and Kid Chameleon were also major omissions