Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top 5 Steve Jobs Accomplishments

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc., died yesterday from cancer.  Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.  Many would say a person's family is the person's greatest accomplishment, therefore, this top 5 will only look at the technological achievements of Jobs.  (In fairness, he didn't create all these things, but he was the guy in charge, and without him they may never have been developed.)

5: iPad - A tablet computer--brilliant!  Smaller and less useful than a laptop (or "notebook"), yet more useful for some functions than a smartphone, a lot of people bet against the iPad's success.  Those people were way wrong.  Hasn't revolutionized the world the way 1 through 4 have, but it's still young (it was introduced last year--2010)...

4: iMac - In '98, Apple introduced the iMac, a Macintish computer with translucent neon colored casings, rounded corners, and a community of Apple lovers (I'm pretty sure that came standard with it, same as the old Saturn cars).  The iMac also marked the beginning of a new golden age at Apple.

3: Macintosh - The first personal computer (that anyone but uber-geeks had access to) to use a graphical user interface (you could interact with images on the screen instead of needing to type code commands to get something to happen).  Imagine a world without the computer mouse?  Goodbye usable internet and smartphone.  The 1984 Macintosh paved the way for competitor Microsoft's Windows.  (Okay computer guys (and gals), tell me where I screwed up.)  Also, Macintosh gave rise to one of the greatest commercials of all time.

2: iPhone - In 2007, this revolutionized the "smart phone"--every solely touchscreen smartphone is essentially an iPhone clone.  This one device can take the place of an iPod, a computer, a phone, a camera, and miscellaneous other items.

1: iPod - Ever since we were kids, we yearned to listen to our music whenever and wherever we wanted.  In 2001 we got our wish.  Current models of the iPod can likely hold every song you've ever heard, and still have room left over for a few movies.  The iPod, and the inevitable iTunes, changed the way we listen to and buy music.

Every item on this list was a game-changer.  I bid a sad farewell to a giant of our time.  Today, everyone's a Mac.


  1. I could not agree with you more. Beautifully said Koz!

  2. I'm having a Big iMac in his honor. (has no one thought of that promotion yet?

  3. Well written Kooz