Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 5 Sushi Rolls

I like sushi, but I will say this up front--this is my list, and yours will be different.

5: Salmon Cucumber Roll - Very simple--nice, neat salmon flavor slightly enhanced by the subtle cucumber.  The cucumber crisp crunch gives it a touch of texture.  A bit of soy sauce (and in this one instance, for the salt) helps enhance the flavor an make the cucumber "pop."

4: Yellowtail Scallion Roll - Softer and milder than tuna, you can really taste the scallions if this roll is made correctly (in rolls with other fish, I find the scallion gets lost behind the tuna, eel, salmon, etc.).  The scallions should also add just a hint of a crunch.  This is a really good beginner roll--it's not "fishy" and it's not overwhelming.

3: Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll - An inside-out roll with sesame seeds dotting the outside, crunchy tempura flakes in the middle, and tuna diced or mashed together with spicy mayonnaise.  Don't worry--the spicy mayo is not very spicy, but if you want some heat, add a bit of wasabi.  Some places mess around with the formula (adding scallions or putting the tempura on top), but I haven't found a combination or addition that makes this better than it already is.

2: Rainbow Roll - There is no set recipe for this, but it's usually a vegetarian roll (often cucumber, avocado, or scallion) with a piece of colorful sashimi (raw fish) draped on top.  This gets the #2 spot because it's one of the prettiest rolls you'll see.  It's often served with several different fish of varying colors, and makes a strong visual impact.  It's beautiful and it's delicious.

1: Tuna Avocado Roll - My go-to roll.  Creamy avocado with cold, flavorful tuna--good with a touch of wasabi and a few dashes of soy sauce.  (A note on soy sauce--it's good when it's soy flavored, not salt flavored.)  It's a hearty, full-bodied roll, with the tuna and avocado working together to create an explosion of flavor.

I think this is a pretty weak top 5 subject, which is why it's being run on a Sunday.  You guys barely seem to notice this little corner of the web on Sundays...  As always, please tweet this or share it on Facebook using the links below (or share a different, better post).


  1. I don't eat sushi, but your descriptions almost make me want to!

  2. Dude, get quail egg sushi. The nori is stuffed to over-flowing with flying fish eggs, and topped with a raw quail egg. So good.