Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 5 Worst Wrestling Finishing Moves

Wrestlers are often known for their finishing moves.  Some are great and look convincingly painful (The Undertaker's "Tombstone"), others don't seem so impressive, but are good because they're performed so well (The Rock's "The People's Elbow"), and some are just painfully bad.  These are the worst of the bad ones.

5: The Stroke (Jeff Jarrett) - This move isn't the problem so much as the way Jarrett delivers it and the way other wrestlers take it.  Jarrett just sort of falls forward, rather than slamming the guy down.  The recipients usually just put up their hands, castrating the move completely.  Double J sucks.

4: The Crown Drop (Jerry "The King" Lawler) - If Lawler wasn't 100, was in shape, and anybody believed for a second that he could kick anyone's ass, his finisher would still be among the absolute worst.  It's a fist drop that usually lands awkwardly.  In his day this move sucked.

3: The Splash (The Ultimate Warrior) - Maybe the most hated wrestler by other wrestlers, Warrior was known for being selfish, dangerous (legitimately, because he didn't know what he was doing), a terrible wrestler, and having the worst promos.  The Splash is something that you can watch 100 times and never once imagine it hurting half as much as all the other moves leading up to it.  If you did this to your mom, she'd get up and yell at you.  So, so lame.

2: The Worm (Scotty Too Hotty) - This is just fucking stupid.

1: The Big Leg Drop (Hulk Hogan) - So lame.  It's a leg drop--primarily because Hogan was such a bad wrestler that he couldn't pull off anything more complex.  It's amazing that this guy was once the most recognizable wrestler in the world.

What do you think--are these moves as bad as I think they are, or are there worse ones?  Share your comments below, please.  And like, follow, Reddit, Tweet, etc. this post! 


  1. The Peoples elbow?? Cmon "Rock", you bounce off of 2 robs and then drop an elbow into their chest?? Worst finisher ever .... Best however, The Stone Cold Stunner. Kick to the stomach, turn around, choke the neck, and drop em. 

  2. The People's Elbow was a lame move, but it was really more of a joke than anything--sort of a wink and nod, tip of the cap to the audience; a "we all know it's fake, but it's a good show" sort of thing.

    The Stone Cold Stunner was great, but my preference has always been DDP's Diamond Cutter, which was basically the same thing.

  3. You can't list the Worm as stupid but exclude the People's elbow. There basically the same thing. You either like both for the reasons you mentioned for the people's elbow or hate both for the reasons you mentioned under the worm.

    - The problem with the Stroke is that its a legit dangerous move that could actually hurt someone so that's why you often see the guy recieving it put there hands down to protect his face or the guy doing it let up a little.

    The Miz uses this move now and does it pretty convincingly though so maybe it is Jarrett. Watch the 0:37 mark in particular.

    - The crown drop is stupid but again you could legit break your hand everytime you do it, that's why have to land it awkward.

    - Warrior's finisher really was the Gorilla press, which was pretty cool and looked like it really hurt. The splash was just the second part of it.
    Although agree with everything else you said.

    - Leg drop is dumbest move ever. Doesn't look like it would ever hurt anyone.

    worst finishers in no particular order
    - Samoan spike - A thumb to the chest. Dumb

    - The Cobra - A comedy move similar to the People's elbow and Worm but even dumber.

    - The Playmaker - Can't see how this could possibly hurt

    - Clothesline for Hell - It's a clothesline ! Beyond Lame

    - The FU/Attitude Adjustment. Dumb move and a perfect example of how much John Cena sucks.

    - Pefect Plex - I loved Mr. Perfect but looking back this was terrible. Just a suplex where you hook the guys leg at the end. . Just for fun a full match vs. the worst gimmick in wrestling history - The Red Rooster !!!!!!

    - 619 - Isn't anything more than a kick to the head. And the opponent is made to look stupid by hanging on the ropes waiting for it to happen.

    - Last but not least. The dreaded and infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom" One of the most embarasing moments in wrestling history. Good job WCW. Glad your out of business.

  4. Best finisher is wrestling is the Canadian Destroyer. It's not even close.

  5. Almost added the Samoan Spike, but I thought it was a thumb to the throat.  Pretty sure the Stroke sucks as Double J's finishing move, not necessarily other people's.  The Cobra is simple terrible.  Red Rooster was ridiculous.  I remember the Fingerpoke of Doom; so lame.  But I hold to including The Worm and excluding The People's Elbow--the Rock could pull off a corny move and make it cool.  Most people can't.  Trying just looks stupid.