Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Musings... Droid Incredible

I have a Droid Incredible.  System updated a couple days ago, deleted a bunch of my apps, and caused Gmail to completely stop working.  Why can't companies just figure these things out?  This is ridiculous.  I pretty much hate this phone right now...  Should I switch to an iPhone?  Or is there a better phone out there?


  1. The iphone is your only other real choice. Most android phones have this issue, unfortunately. They also constantly have storage space issues. I have to delete stuff from my incredible constantly. BTW mine also deleted almost every app that I use

  2. I have an incredible.  No problems updating.  no problems with storage, no problems deleting apps.  Of course, THIS IS A PHONE and mine has never failed to complete a call,

  3. It is time for an iPhone.