Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 5 Most Annoying Things about my Driving Commute

I've posted in the past about my train commute to work and how it can be crazy annoying.  On days when I'm running late, I avoid the train altogether and drive in.  That, however, poses its own unique set of annoyances.  Here are the top 5:

5: The radio station I listen to fades half way into the commute, and the next best replacement station is less powerful than a third  station close-by on the dial, so there is significant bleed-over.  This used to be extremely annoying, but now it's only annoying if I forgot my iPod (thanks Steve Jobs).

4: The commute is typically an hour door to door (which is not bad for Manhattan).  However, if someone breaks down on the side of the road, the rubbernecking delays can double the commute, making me even later than if I had taken the train. 

3: Parking in Manhattan is anywhere from $14 to $41 per day, depending on when you arrive and when you leave.  That is in addition to the tolls getting into and out of the city.  (The sneaky way I go only costs me $4 in tolls, but other routes will push $10 one way!)  Ridiculous.

2: There are no drive-thru restaurants on my commute, including on the highway or close off of any exit.  If I am driving in it means I'm in a hurry and probably didn't have time for breakfast.  Because of the lack of craptastic fast-food, my best breakfast option when driving in is Lorna Doone's, Combos, and bad coffee from a highway Mobil station, which is not nearly as exciting as it sounds.

1: Getting my car out of the parking garage is no problem, with two exceptions.  First, some lots close at a certain time.  I worked late once after driving in, only to find the lot was closed and I couldn't get my car until the following morning.  Not only did that mean I needed to take the train home and take a taxi from the train station to my house, but I had to pay the overnight parking rate too!  Second, the lots park the cars based on when people are expecting to leave.  If I tell them I am leaving after work at about 7, they park a bunch of cars in front of me.  If I end up needing to leave at 2 for an emergency, it takes almost an hour for them to get me my car (true story)!

Notably absent from this list are all the road-rage inducing things that other drivers do (except, for the rubbernecking thing--fuck, people, it's an accident--move along!).   Those topics deserve their own top 5 list.  At least my insurance isn't crazy (which is an accomplishment for anyone who admits to insurance that they drive in NYC).  So... how's your commute?  Is it crappy too?  Share stories, complaints, and comments below, and be sure to give this post a +1, "like" it, and all the rest.


  1. Driving is typically an hour, which is about 15 minutes shorter than the train, and that assumes no delays.  Sometimes, driving can be as fast as 45 minutes, which is a significant time savings!  But yeah, there are times I've sat in traffic cursing myself for driving.

  2. It takes, at times, upwards of forty seconds once I finish my breakfast to reach the home office.  When I'm in a hurry, I can cut that to twenty seconds by not topping off my coffee cup on the way, although that typically means I need to go afk for another thirty seconds for a refill after about a half hour.

  3. You should just build an apartment on the floor above you office with a fireman's pole shoots you right at your desk chair.