Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Hate NYC in the Rain

I usually love the rain.  It makes everything clean, it's relaxing to listen to, and it's generally peaceful.  But in New York City, the rain becomes the biggest annoyance--not for the rain itself, but for the problems it causes and the way it makes people behave.  Here are the 5 things that annoy me most about NYC in the rain.

5: Subways.  There are tons of people on the subway during rush hour on normal days.  Throw a little rain into the mix and you get crazy people who can't bear the thought of getting wet crowding into the subways.  It's not bizarre to have to wait for 3 or more trains before being able to wedge yourself on.

4: Splashes.  You know how in movies, the guy having the bad day often gets splashed by a car driving through a puddle while he's just minding his own business, standing on the sidewalk?  That shit really happens.

3: Puddles.  Backed-up sewers cause huge puddles to form at the corners of intersections.  Since this is Manhattan, there really aren't places to cross other than at intersections.  Results?  Stepping through ankle-deep pools of rain water--hope those weren't expensive shoes!

2: People.  Rain makes New Yorkers forget how to walk.  Instead, they wander aimlessly at a snail's pace with their three-person-wide umbrellas open, swaying to and fro, preventing you from passing.  The streets are loaded with these inept pedestrians.  But worse are...

1: F'ing People.  These umbrella idiots keep their umbrellas open long after the rain stops.  Hate, hate, hate!

Another thing that sucks, but is more an after-effect so doesn't fit well on the list, is the wet umbrella dilemma.  On a subway or train, in your office, or in line at the deli, nobody knows what to do with the closed, but soaking wet, umbrella.  Thoughts???  Comment below.  And don't forget to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  1. I'd rather get soaked than deal with umbrellas in the city. Trying to dodge other people's umbrellas is impossible and one of these days I am certain I will get my eye poked out.
    And if you ever need a cab? Forget about it. I once saw a guy stabbing at another through a cab window with one of those golf umbrellas because apparently he took his taxi. People are insane.

  2. My second cousin got married in the rain smack dab in the middle of NYC. She made the best of it, and I love the pics she took buying rainboots while wearing her wedding dress, and then wearing said rainboots while hanging out in central :P

  3. Okay, that's the awesome exception...