Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 5 Things I Hate About Other Drivers

I spent 2 years making a 12 hour round-trip drive almost every weekend, and I currently spend a lot of time commuting to Manhattan.  I've experienced all sorts of blood-pressure raising traffic, and rather than ram the asshole who cut me off, I've decided on catharsis through blogging.

5: Texting.  Some people can text and drive, some can't.  It's illegal for us all because of you people who can't.  Thanks.  Here is the real rule.  If you're under 25, or an idiot, no texting while driving; you haven't yet learned how long you can look down or when is an optimal time to do so.

4: Not signaling.  If you're alone on the road, I don't care whether you signal or not.  If I'm behind you on a two lane road, don't just slow down then signal as you turn--give me the heads-up so I know to pass your inconsiderate ass.

3: Turning poorly.  Holy shit, this one makes me crazy.  If you are making a right, and it isn't a sharp turn, you do NOT need to come to a complete stop!  Whoever taught you that was wrong!  Stop it!  I've screamed more at this than anything else on this list.

2: Slow in the fast lane.  In tight traffic while speeding on the highway, good drivers are predictable and anticipate traffic on the basis that the other drivers will be predictable.  This is aggressive driving.  It is not reckless.  What is reckless is the guy who throws all the good drivers off by doing 55 in the far left lane of a 4 lane highway.  What a douche.

1: Rubbernecking.  I can almost understand rubbernecking for huge accidents or crazy things you don't often see (a highway littered with chicken carcasses fallen from a jack-knife big-rig, for example).  I can't understand why I need to be delayed 45 minutes so every idiot in front of me can look at the cop pulling some guy over.  Just go.

Okay, this backfired.  I'm actually a little worked up now.  I really hate this shit!  What makes you just crazy when you're driving?  Come on, everyone's got something--share yours in the comment section below, and share this with your friend on facebook.


  1. So many things to choose from here:
    - 2 cars driving paralell to each other on a 2 lane highway so no one can pass.
    - People that know they're going to have to get off of an exit on the right lane ( or worse yet another highway on ramp) but stay in the left lane until the last possible second. It's never just one person that does it and it always backs everything up.
    - tailgating . I understand everyone wants to "drive fast" in the left lane but when I'm already over 80 in left lane and some idiot is tailgating that's annoying. How fast do you really need to go?
    - chronic lane switching. When there's heavy volume it really doesn't matter what lane your in. The left lane isn't getting to work any faster than the right lane so don't be an idiot.
    - Cops- this is slightly off topic but drives me nuts anyway. Unless there's an accident there shouldn't be cops hanging out on the side of the highway. A speed trap during mourning rush?!!! Thanks for adding to the problem ( sorry Marc but it needed to be said)

  2. Just this morning, a teen girl blew through a stop sign while number 5ing, and then did a number 4 followed immediately by a number 3.

  3. I agree with these, especially the last one--def. more harm than good sometimes...