Friday, November 18, 2011

Top 5 Thoughts I've had about the "Occupy" Movement

The rich are getting richer, the middle class is shrinking, and that sucks.  But seriously, what the hell, people!  Here are my thoughts about this Occupy Wall Street movement.

5: Looking like an American Eagle ad is not helping.  True or not, people think only the rich or irresponsible can spend 2 months camping out with the homeless while simultaneously self-segregating from the homeless.

4: Awareness is raised and you've got people's attention.  Now what?  You need some sort of plan, otherwise you're just dicking around for no reason.

3: The police are not the 1%.  Stop fighting them.  They agree with you in principle.

2: Marching on the stock exchange isn't going to convince Wall Street and corporations to give back money. Instead, elect better officials and hold them accountable to make better laws.

1: Instead of lumping everyone into the 99%, carry a placard with your particular percentile.  No loopholes--if you live with your parents, use their number.  Click here to find your percentile (subtract the % from 100).  If you earn $60,000/year, you are part of the 37%; $20,000/year puts you into the 78%.  To actually be in the 99th percentile, you need to earn less than $2,500/year.  I'd like to see this because I'm personally curious what percentile the "99%" actually is.  

So seriously, I sympathize and maybe even agree with the larger point, but things are getting stupid.  Can someone explain this to me?  Let's get some good discussion going on this in the comments below.  Feel free to share this all over the place too.


  1. Good points.  Seems like a bunch of spoiled kids to me.

  2. What percentile are the hot dog vendors?  We saw more of them than protestors.

  3. Most NYC hot dog vendors clear $14,000 to $16,000 per year (net, not gross).  If you want to bump them to about $20-22k/year including taxes, permits, etc., then they are the 78%.

  4. I want so badly to support this movement. I agree with so many of the ideas that these people are protesting, but I hate the way they are going about it. How can you make a change with no organization. You can't fight the cops, you can't stop people from going into work, you can't block an exit ramp on the highway. 
    Actions that make changes in society are important, but you need a clear message and a plan!

  5. Its not about only one country same problems everywhere rich gets Richer and Poor gets Poorer but Developing country suffering more with these kind of irregular development

  6. I agree, but there are ways to address this things.  The U.S. isn't a totalitarian regime and can be changed through different channels--these people are just misguided, even if their underlying point is right.