Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Vodkas

New Year's Eve--a time when millions across the country drink themselves into a stupor to watch a crystal ball slide down a pole while the guy from American Idol makes fun of Dick Clark on the down low.  Anyway, I'm phoning it in today, since nobody will be reading this...  Here are my top 5 favorite vodkas.

5: Blavod - The only one that makes the list because of its gimmick, Blavod is black vodka.  It tastes like Absolut, so you better mix it with something, but it's a pretty cool thing to have for Halloween.

4: Purus - The best vodka you've never tried.  Despite being hugely unpopular, Purus is amazingly smooth and light--almost refreshing (if you can say that about a drink you can light on fire).

3: Van Gogh - Famous dead painter vodka--it's smooth and crisp with a nice, mild flavor.  Definitely for sipping.  Nice bottle too--excellent for a recent college grad to display in the window of his loft apartment; easily passes as modern art.

2: Chopin - Famous dead pianist vodka (one-ups famous dead painter vodka)--it's velvety and smooth, with an almost sweet aftertaste.  Also a nice bottle--toss a candle in there and you're all set to trick a hippy into sleeping with you!

1: Grey Goose - The standard by which all other vodkas are measured.  I think it's the best, but you'll hear people say whether it's better or worse than Grey Goose, and in what ways.  Goose lost some cred when it started making about 83 various flavored vodkas (do we really need kumquat and pickle infused vodka?), but it's still the leader of the pack.  So smooth--a vodka taste without any alcoholic bite.

I used to be a vodka rocks guy, ow I'm on to gin and tonic, but I had plenty of high-end vodkas in my time.  But, as always, use the comments below to tell me why I'm wrong.

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