Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 5 Female Stand-Up Comedians of All-Time

Google "women aren't funny" and you'll get a ton of articles explaining why women aren't funny or that women aren't funny.  Not true, as this list will show.  Keep in mind, this list is stand-up comedians only--all apologies to great comedic actors (e.g., Anna Faris) and writers (e.g., Tina Fey).

5: Janeane Garofalo - She's very smart, which makes for some very funny comedy (until her politics start creeping a little too far into her act).  I fought against liking her for some reason for many years, but ultimately had to relent because I found myself laughing every time I watched her, and watching her more and more.

4: Phyllis Diller - She's been on-stage telling jokes longer than you've been alive.  She isn't a dirty comic, but she takes advantage of our blue minds (couldn't find a clip, but check out her spot in The Aristocrats).  And yeah, she's funnier than Betty White.

3: Sarah Silverman - She's clever and edgy, with no topics taboo or out-of-bounds.  She's constantly pushing the envelope, and though her star has leveled out some in recent years, it's hard to think that at 41, her best days don't lie ahead.

2: Paula Poundstone - She's a self-described asexual who was once in big trouble for taking her kids for a ride while hammered, but she's done her time and been clean ever since.  Comedy-wise, her "pokin' at ya, pokin' at ya" bit is still simply hilarious.

1: Ellen DeGeneris - Everything you could want in a comedian--very funny, cleverly written, witty, and delivered with absolutely perfect timing.  She may have the best timing of any current comedian, male or female, and is one of thefunniest comics of all time.  Ignore her t.v. show.

For my money, the only one from this list that would be on an overall list (men and women) would be Ellen, but there are just so many funny comedians, a lot of whom are men.  My guess is that for decades, more men than women became comedians; given that, of course this list (or any) would be skewed toward males.  Whatever.  Who is your favorite female comic?  Do you think women are as funny as men, or not?  Why?  We'd love for you to share your thoughts below.


  1. ...and the comments (or lack thereof) show that female comics still can't get no love...  Sorry ladies!

  2. So long as you don't list Margraret Cho, Whitney Cummings and Kathy Griffin on here then you're spot on.

  3. Kathy Griffin has got to be the worst.  I don't understand why people think she's funny!