Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 5 Funniest Classic (and Dirty) Fake/Gag Names

Every now and then, some clever individual dons a pseudonym and makes an appearance in some media outlet.  It is always funny.  Always.  Below are the most iconic and funny fake names.  Where available, I'll link to videos or pictures.

5: Hugh Jass - This one's a classic, but it's probably too obvious to ever be used by any show with a 5 second delay or in any paper with an editor older than 12.

4: Jack Mehoff - Okay, in this clip, Mr. Mehoff graduates college.  Here he is lost at the store.  (Here's Bill O'Reilly coming close--maybe this is a cousin?)  You'd think that with a name like this he'd go by "John."

3: Anita Dick - No clips here--again, probably too obvious, and unlike Mr. Mehoff, Anita can't exactly change her last name to "Richard."

2: Mike Hunt - First he's writing in to Imus in the Morning, then he's at L.A. City Counsel meetings, then he's not at L.A. City Counsel another day when they call for him.  Mike even gets a shout out for his birthday (along with a bunch of others).  One thing we know for certain, Mike Hunt's open for anything.

1: Heywood Jablome - He appears in the paper on occasion, but there's not much available online.  But there are tons of stories about good 'ole Heywood getting his name announced at various places.  If you can dig any media up, please link to it below.

So...  if you watch the birthday shout outs linked in #2, you'll see that Ms. Dixie Normous gets a nod.  She's pretty lucky, because she also won something here, but not lucky enough to make the top 5--her name isn't as classic as the others.  Of course there are ultra-classic names that are more iconic--I.C. Weiner, for example (any Fry fans?)--but they aren't as funny, so they get cut too.  What are the best ones you've heard?  Any additional links will be appreciated!  Share below...  And like us on Facebook!


  1. Here's some funny names from my brother-in-law:

  2. What about poor Phil McRacken?  Pretty sure I saw his name on the big screen at Yankees stadium once.  And I am a fan of Seymour Butts and Amanda Hugankiss (thank you Simpsons)

  3. Aww, I used to date an Amanda Hugankiss.