Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 5 Funniest Sitcoms of 2011 (on Cable TV)

We've been through 2011's funniest network sitcoms, but a lot of people still cling to cable to bring the funny.  Here's a look at 2011's top 5 funniest cable sitcoms.

5: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) - The show that teaches us that pathetic losers can do alright in life, but only relative to other losers.  This show shines when a normal person wanders into a plotline, showing just how pathetic Mack, Dennis, Charlie, Frank, and Sweet Dee are.  The show has slipped in the last two seasons, but the early episodes are gold--the prom episode is one of my all time favorite sitcom episodes from any show ever.

4: South Park (Comedy Central) - It's still classic.  It's still exposing bullshit.  And it's still hilarious when little kids curse.  This show has off-episodes, but generally, it's getting better with age.

3: Louie (FX) - I avoided this show at first because I thought it was about Louie Anderson, which sounds as funny as a kick in the junk, and I didn't want to waste my time watching a fat guy run around while whining.  Besides, I can do that on my own.  But I finally experienced enough peer pressure to watch, and was pleasantly surprised by my first exposure to Louis C.K., a comedic genius.  Everybody praises how real the show is--and I get that--but I think they miss how funny it is too!  It is absolutely a must-watch.

2: The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim) - Even in a world where comic book-type superheroes and villains exist,  people need down time.  The Venture Bros. shows us what happens in that time.  The show is riddled with 80s and 90s subtle pop-culture references.  It's on pretty late, so I am usually stifling laughter to avoid waking my wife up while I watch.

1: The League (FX) - This is one of the few shows on television that still makes me lol.  Literally.  It started as a quasi-clone of It's Always Sunny, but has evolved into it's own entity.  If you haven't seen it, watch one episode--Mr. McGibblets from Season 1.  If that doesn't make you laugh, stop reading this blog and go back to your Golden Girls reruns where Blanche remains one cheeky gal.  Ugh.

It is amazing how many good shows are out there.  Apologies mostly to Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is pay cable so it wasn't eligible, and Psych, which isn't really a sitcom.  Or is and didn't make the cut. Whichever lets you sleep at night.  Have a beef with what I left out or the order these are in?  Bring it below.  I'll fight back.

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