Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 5 Annoying Things About the 1:56 a.m. Train

On the late train after a long day at work...  Hate, hate, hate these things.

5: The worst train is running, and I feel every one of the thousands of bumps.

4: It's too late to read (because it will knock me out, and sleeping through my stop is disastrous), but that makes for a very boring trip.

3: There is always someone a seat or two away eating delicious-smelling Mickey-D's.  I am hungry.

2: My seat is broken and tilted forward, causing me to work to prevent myself from slipping down to the floor.  This gives me a massive wedgie.

1: This guy.  He's the loudest guy who's ever ridden the train.  He sounded, for the entire trip, like he was talking to his buddy in another car...

Can't wait to find my bed (and be awakened by a screaming, hungry baby about an hour later)...


  1. Seriously!  #3 send me into a rage!  If I can hear what you're listening to through your headphones, you've missed the point.  Hate that so, so much!