Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 5 Annoying Things About My Dry Cleaner

My job requires me to wear cleaned and shirts pressed shirts.  After trial and many errors, I found a dry cleaner I am generally happy with, though they are far from perfect.  Here are the biggest pet peeves I have with them.

5: Cost.  They are expensive.  Dry cleaning and other services run me about $500/year!  That's a lot that could be spent on things that are a lot less frustrating!

4: Coupons.  They accept coupons, but only at drop off, not at pick-up when I'm actually paying (and therefore remember to bring coupons).

3: Lost Items.  They lost my pants.  Only one pair.  The pants are not at my house, and the only place I'd take them without wearing.them is my dry cleaner.  They returned the jacket to me, but not the pants.  They have no record of receiving the pants, and I can't prove I dropped them off, so I have no recourse.

2: Stains.  They are never able to do anything about ring around the collar.

1: Weird Record Keeping.  One time, they printed my name inside all my shirts.  Seriously--like a mom preparing her son's underwear for sleepaway camp.  Problem is, one of the shirts wasn't mine--I borrowed it in a pinch.  I had to buy a replacement, which sucked because it was a Brooks Brothers, and the one I borrowed didn't really fit me.

Yeah, I know there are a lot of serious things that I could be bitching about, but whatever.  My blog, my complaints.  Any dry cleaning horror stories?  Share them below!

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  1. i could never find a good dry cleaner in stamford.  which is why i wear brooks brothers.  best shirts to launder at home.