Friday, January 20, 2012

Top 5 Foods You Eat and Cannot Hide

Guest Blogger Sooz offers up today's top 5...

There are certain foods which, if you eat them, will out themselves.  Here are the top five worst offenders:

5: Spinach - Haven't you ever watched tv shows or movies?  Any rom-com will prove that it is impossible to eat spinach without having a big piece plastered to your front tooth (provided your incredibly attractive ex and/or the boss you desperately hope to impress is within eyesight).

4: Poppy Seeds - They will get stuck in your teeth.  There's no avoiding it.  Why can't you just order a plain bagel?  Geez.

3: Zeppoles - I suggest wearing white if you even think you might encounter these delicious fried treats.  Otherwise, wear your powdered sugar-coated outfit as a badge of honor.  Strangers are bound to be jealous that you got to eat zeppoles and they did not.

2: Pasta Sauce - I suggest wearing any color but white if you want to indulge in Italian food.  You know you are going to spill sauce on your shirt no matter how hard you try not to.  Worried about the obvious clothing dilemma created by the previous item on this list?  No worries.  Dress in layers.  Duh.

1: Cheez Doodles - You can do the Lady Macbeth routine as much as you like, but those telltale orange fingers are going to give you away every time.

Any more to add?  Any horror stories?  Share them below, and share this post with your friends to help them avoid embarrassment!


  1. I would have added garlic, but yours are more creative.  Thanks for the great post, Sooz!

  2. Yeah, i was thinking in the realm of smells, also. I know it's not technically a food, but alcohol stands out the most for me,  because you have to hide the smell and your outrageous actions.

  3. Zeppoles sound delicious.