Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 Good Things About Staying in the Hospital

Guest Blogger Sooz offers up today's top 5...

After a recent hospital stay, the following things occur to me:

5: No thinking necessary. Someone will tell you when to eat, bring you medicine and watch over you while you take it. You will also be told when to go to the bathroom, and any other little thing you might accidentally forget during your stay.

4: The food. No, really. They offer a surprising amount of options, and they aren't too shabby. If your hospital offers a Nourishment Room, check it out. There could be Haagen-Dazs in there along with the apple juice.

3: Free parking. How often can you get free parking nowadays? I even have to pay for the privilege of shopping at Target. But parking at the hospital is free. They even offer valet service at the Emergency Room entrance. Seriously.

2: No pesky walking on your own manpower. You will likely be brought both into and out of the hospital via wheelchair whether you need it or not. And the person pushing you will probably be a 90-year-old volunteer who should switch spots with you, so it's an uncomfortably long ride to get where you are going.

1: The clothes. Don't worry about getting all fancied up for your stay, you will be provided with some fabulous duds. If you are lucky, sexy mesh underwear will be thrown in with the adorably hard to close backless gowns and rubber-soled socks. Don't knock 'em 'til you try 'em!

Upon rereading this list, it occurs to me there is a slight chance that these things may vary based on the hospital you go to. I suggest going to a good one! Please share your best hospital experiences in the comments below, or take a stab at guessing the topic my next guest blogger column (blood-drawing pun intended).


  1. I was also pleasantly surprised by the food!

  2. During my recent surgery, I realized that hospital gowns have come a very long way. There was a hose on the wall and a socket on my gown. Plug the hose into the gown and then i could control the air being blown up my skirt. I want one of those at home....just laying on the couch blowing cool air up my gown all day.

  3. I'm fairly certain you could hire an intern for that.