Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 5 Kooz Predictions for 2012

Every psychic out there makes predictions for the new year, but they all have a few things in common.  They make a ton of predictions, so the odds are in their favor.  The predictions are also either so vague as to make them applicable to many circumstances, or they play the odds (in predicting celebrity deaths, Amy Winehouse was a safer bet than, say, Heath Ledger the year before).  Here are my "psychic" guesses.

5: A major earthquake will cause damage to a heavily populated area.

4: McDonald's will suffer a major setback and will issue a public statement.

3: Betty White will suffer major health problems.

2: Facebook will issue an update which will cause users to petition against the change.

1: An unexpected politician will rise to prominence in the GOP, but will fall because of a sex scandal.  

Make your predictions below--at the end of the year we'll revisit and see how we did!


  1. poor Betty White

  2. I predict that a noted psychic will be incorrect in their prediction, but will find a way to convince their followers that they were actually right.

  3. i predict a giant monkey will build an army of smaller monkeys and ravage the earth of all bananas!