Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 5 Nerd Credentials

I watch and played football and baseball, I was president of my fraternity, and I went to PCB for Spring Break a few times. I am, however, a double-agent. I lead a not-so-secret life as a nerd (as though any regular reader of the blog couldn't tell). Here are my top 5 nerd credentials... (Note, these are nerd, not geek, creds... Geek creds will come later.)

5: I've been to a Renaissance fair (and called it a "ren fair").

4: I watched anime when it was called "Japanimation."

3: I have seen every episode of Babylon 5, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (the original and reboot), Robotech (and Macross), and the current Doctor Who series, to name a few.

2: I still own action figures, and I keep them mint in box.

1: I played Dungeons & Dragons before the sets came with a game board and game pieces, and I mourned the passing of Gary Gygax.

Think you can top that?  Try it in the comments below.


  1. Having suffered through most of those shows with my husband, and purchased some MIB figures for him, I am certainly a nerd by default. The fact that I would probably like to attend a renaissance fair (although I refuse to call it a ren fair) and Comic Con makes me a nerd for real.

  2. Would like to hear your opinion on "nerd" vs. "geek" :-D

  3.  Amateur. I watch Monday Night Raw every week, and go three times a year. I've been to Wrestlemania, as an adult, twice. I own a replica championship belt. I annually go to comic book conventions, and still buy comics every week. I have 4 Thor t shirts that I don't hesitate to wear in public. I've been playing fantasy football for a decade, three teams each year. I own and watch Fraggle Rock DVDs.

  4. Not only do I go to Ren Faires, I make period costumes to wear at Ren Faires. And I remember when it was Japanimation.

  5. I have been to a Medieval fair here in Belgium. I think that counts. Since you know, renaissance came later.
    And the medieval times are more interesting than the renaissance anyway. :P No one can beat dragons bro.
    Anyway, your blog seems fun, so I will follow you now! :)


  6. Here is my opinion on nerd vs. geek:

  7. I have you all topped. I go to Cave comics almost every week, I recently was engaged in a conversation about whether Bruce Wayne cares about Selina Kyle, I was the 2nd person in line at Loews when Episode 1 came out after camping out for 3 days, my entire "non-work wardrobe" is based around superhero t-shirts... shall I go on :-)

  8. Yua  Yeah, Medieval fair certainly counts--as do dragons, so I count at least 2 nerdy things.  Awesome!
    Penny Higgins You rock for many, many reasons, not the least of which is your being a geologist/scientist...
    @525fd6b66d74ddb480b26ccab4fb62aa Agree completely about the wrestling and Fraggle Rock.  Not sure whether fantasy football is cool or nerdy, but I do it too, so I am leaning towards nerdy...
    @95154f3e017fad5ccf0d1ef05e61fe00 Sorry!