Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars was born.  Since then the debate has been over which is better--Star Wars vs. Star Trek...  Here are my arguments in favor of Star Wars.  Let the battle begin!

5:  E.T. was a senator in the Star Wars universe.

4:  Name anybody in Star Trek who looked cooler than Boba Fett.  You can't.

3: The dimly lit and busy Mos Eisley Cantina was worlds better than 10-Forward, which looks here like a game room.

 2: Prominent Star Wars aliens* included a gigantic slug who chained women up in slinky outfits, and a red and black spikey martial artist with a double-bladed lightsaber.  Prominent Star Trek aliens included a guy with pointy ears and a tight shirt, and shit-ton of guys with cranial malformations.

1: Lightsabers are never, ever set to "stun."

I made it through without a single Wesley Crusher joke!  Okay Trekkers (or as Roddenberry preferred,  Trekkies), let me have it in the comments below (and Star Wars fans, share this with your Facebook friends).  Soon to come, I'll run this the other way--reasons Star Trek is better than Star Wars...

*Yeah, technically everyone on Star Wars was an alien--galaxy far, far away and all that--but you know what I mean.


  1. Star Wars is better because technically it's the original. Now here me out here, Star Wars takes place "A long time ago" and Star Trek takes place in the future, hence making Star Wars the original, technically....

  2. Well Mos Eisley Cantina looks cooler because its a smoke filled bar room like back in the day, but 10-forward seems more realistic "future" without smoke, because when was the last time you saw someone smoking in a bar?  Then again, I suppose it wouldn't necessarily be cigarettes or tobacco they were smoking, but some substace from an alien planet...

  3. Nice position.  I agree that earlier is always better.  When were you born?  lol...

  4. Yeah, right?  Mos Eisley could easily be Hat City Ale House!  10-Forward reminds me of going out for a pint at the local cafeteria.

  5. So 3 of your 5 reasons are based on looks? What about the story, the characters, or even the technology?  And way to go Lucas for having ET make a cameo, way to be creative....(that's sarcasm) Its reasons like these why Star Wars is made for children and Star Trek is made for adults. May the force cram a tribble down Jar-Jar's throat...GO TREK!

  6. I actually agree--Trek is a better show, but I hit this from both angles--follow the link at the bottom to see the flip side--why Trek is better than Wars.