Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top 5 Stupid Things People Actually Believe about the Government

Guest Blogger Eileene offers up today's top 5...

Everyone knows the government has secrets the rest of us can’t ever know, but some people go a little further in their distrust of the government.  There are a large number of people who think the establishment is controlled by all sorts of nefarious leaders (and creatures).  They obviously have more faith in the government than I do because I’m pretty sure our leaders are not nearly as cool or capable as these conspiracy theories assume.  If they were, I’d trust them a whole lot more myself.  Here are the 5 stupidest of these beliefs.   

5 - Fluoride.  That fluoride in your drinking water?  Well it’s not to make your teeth all nice and pretty for your lover.  It’s really the government’s way to enslave the population.  There is a conspiracy theory that Flouride in the public water systems is used as mind control, or population control, or to make us all slaves to the man.  Some believe it makes citizens more likely to be subjugated, develop schizophrenia, or to become ill.  Read more about it here

4 - Government mind-control.  Not only are they poisoning our water, but a lot of people believe the government controls our minds through subliminal messages in the TV.  I’m almost certain this is not true because I’ve tried using subliminal messages to get better at life and they don't work; I totally wasted my $1.99 on iTunes!  This conspiracy theory also assumes the government is a lot cooler than it actually is and that the population is a lot harder to control than it actually is.  In reality, you can pretty much convince the masses to believe anything without subliminal messages or poisoned water. Read more about it here

3 - Aliens and nukes.  The government’s nuclear weapons sites are being visited by UFOs.  These UFOs are disarming the weapons by causing the systems to be lose contact with control and the UFOs also cut the power to the weapons.  I can’t really explain this better than the UK Daily Mail can, so read more of this nonsense here.

2 - New World Order.  There is a New World Order of super elite people operating as a shadow government who are the evil masterminds behind every world war and major event, and who control the media and the entertainment industries.  Lady Gaga is their minion.  They also caused the recession because they control the economy.  They hang out at places like “Bohemian Grove” in California and participate in orgies and occult rituals, then they go something called the Bildeberg Hotel in the Netherlands where they plot more ways to take over the world.  They are also behind the aforementioned water fluoridation so they can more easily take over the world… Subject yourself to more craziness here

1 - Reptoids.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who actually think the following is true.  There is a secret race of reptiles controlling the world.  Yep, that’s right.  People actually believe some lizards came down from space eons ago and now control the human population.  They also shape-shift.  That New World Order I just told you about?  Obviously they’re all lizard people.  You think that nice man in the Oval Office is a human?  Nope, at night he shape-shifts into a lizard.  You think Prince William and Kate Middleton are sweet newlywed couple?  You’re wrong, they are Lizards.  Check it out here and here.
In the interest of full-disclosure though, here is a list of  seven conspiracy theories that actually did turn out to be true, so you never know...

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  1. To be fair, that $1.99 on iTunes just subliminally made you more likely to buy stuff on iTunes. Better check your credit card statement.

  2. There was a great documentary on the Reptoids called, "They Live." Rowdy Roddy Piper tells it like it is. True story.

    - Jim in LA

  3. They Live is one of my favorite movies of all time, and my wife will back me up--I forced her to sit through (some of) it.

  4. Longest fist fight ever.

  5. How about vaccines giving your kid Autism?

  6. To me, that's in a different category.  It isn't stupid, it's dangerous...  But either way, a guest blogger wrote the post, not I, so...

  7. Sheered&SlaughteredJune 24, 2012 at 9:40 AM

     Checked our flouride levels in our water and it is disgustingly high.  Flouride in the water is real and flouride is a  poison.  Flouride does have those effects on man.  It does not take all gov officials to be nefarious it only takes one policy, one regulation, one habit, one tradition, or one testament from one person to be considered conventional belief.  If you are not worried about the amount of flouride you ingest you are beyond help and have already drank such an amount to display the intended effects.