Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 5 Worst Psychic Predictions for 2012

A lot of psychics made guesses predictions for 2012.  Here are my favorites (with link to where I found them).  Italics below are mine...  (Please read these--they are so worth it!)

5: LaMont Hamilton, World Psychic - "Jets, planes, and rockets will be found responsible for holes in the ozone layer and contributing to significant Global Warming."  Think he knows that the ozone hole and global warming are not the same thing?  "Illness seen around former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger this year relating to a heart attack."  Is it that far-fetched that an 88 year old would have a heart attack?

4: India Daily - Here's a doozy from "researchers" as published in India Daily in 2005!  "The world is getting ready for something spectacular in 2012.  According to researchers, the Federation of the Universe representing all the 88 star constellations will officially visit earth in 2012 and reveal themselves.  It will bring an end to all UFO cover-ups in various countries."  Now that would be a hell of a thing.

3: Sylvia Browne, World Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Psychic - Here are some real winners by the liar from the old Montel Williams show: "President Obama will not get re-elected."  Wow, a 1 in 2 chance of being right.  High risk!  "Economy will pick up, the housing market will make a minor rebound."  So, at some point in the year, the "economy will pick up"?  And at some point there will be a minor rebound in the housing market--as in, this as a hit unless the housing market goes straight down every moment of every day for the entire year?  These predictions are helpful!  "East will become the west and west the east, meaning that the weather on both coasts will shift somewhat to mirror each other."  Gibberish.

2: Michel Hayek, Famous Lebanese Psychic - His predictions are less "predictions" and more "disjointed statements" that his followers will retrofit into "predictions" to fit any number of things that are likely to occur. Here are some examples, but click the link for the full list: "New spatial truths."  Huh?  "David Letterman is in danger."  Of...?  "A heavenly body seen from the Earth."  This is the most bizarre one.  A star, the sun, the moon, comets, meteors, planets--all are heavenly bodies seen from the Earth.  How is this a prediction of anything?  It isn't even a sentence!

1: Nikki - Psychic to the Stars - Oh Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.  She makes 186 predictions!  The old scattershot approach.  She claims credit for getting a few things right last year.  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could make 186 generalizations and none of them could be interpreted as fulfilled over the course of a year!?!  Anyhow, here are some of my favorites of hers: "Animals and birds, wild and domestic, will attack people leading up to the end of 2012."  Like they currently do all the time?  Got it.  I predict people will continue to breathe.  "Giant prehistoric Sea Monsters under the sea."  Will be found?  Will be shown to have never existed?  Will be mentioned by a psychic?  This isn't even a sentence.  "A possible landing of a space ship."  No, you are making the prediction--tell us, don't give us "possible."  "Breakthroughs in the cures for Leukemia and Chrones Disease."  Pretty sure she means "Crohn's."  "Earth will fall off its’ axis a little more."  Scientifically illiterate.  "A hole in the earth’s core."  Not a sentence.  She also predicts a bunch of terrorist attacks in a variety of places--covering as many bases as she could.  Oh, also, "Faith Hill and Trim McGraw to split."  Anyone know who is "Trim" McGraw?

We'll revisit at the end of the year and see how they did.  And don't forget to check out my predictions and add your own predictions in the comments!


  1. "Animals and birds, wild and domestic, will attack people leading up to the end of 2012."  Like they currently do all the time?  Got it.  I predict people will continue to breathe. I loled at this

  2. It's already started. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/01/24/red-tailed-hawk-reportedly-stalking-grounds-connecticut-high-school/