Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 5 Worst Things About Staying in the Hospital

Guest Blogger Sooz offers up today's top 5...

I recently went through the top 5 good things about being in the hospital.  But let's be real--nobody really enjoys the hospital.  Here are the top 5 worst things about staying in the hospital.

5: Different doctors and nurses each shift.  While it is a fun game to guess who the latest person examining you is, it would be nice if each one didn't offer advice that directly conflicts with the last person's suggestions.

4: The visitors policy.  The hospital may have official visiting hours, but no worries, they won't expect anyone to adhere to them.  And the staff won't want to bother you to let you know someone has arrived; they'll just send them to your room unannounced so you assume it's just another hospital employee barging in on you.  Best to stay in bed at all times so no one is exposed to the open back of your fancy gown.

3: Overnight guests.  The hospital offers an uncomfortable pull out "bed" that converts from a surprisingly uncomfortable chair.  Perhaps this is just a good way for the hospital to drum up business for their orthopedic department.

2: The temperature.  While it is nice that each room has its own thermostat for you to control, it would be better if the buttons actually did something.  I imagine they aren't actually hooked up to anything, much like the door close button in an elevator or the morphine drip button you control yourself.

1: The lack of relaxation. You might think you have plenty of time for resting and recovering, but someone will be in to see you approximately every 6 minutes.  Doctors, nurses, flabotomists, administrators, the person who delivers your food, then comes back for the tray, and then comes back for your menu for the next day.  If you want sleep, you should consider home surgery.

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  1. True enogh to say that no one really likes to go to Hospital and all mentioned are real true.....

  2. Sounds like fun! Can't wait till my next trip

  3. There can be some good reasons to babies!