Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday musings... Kids' parties.

Had a birthday party for my oldest who turned 2 today.  Mostly family, then some close friends who have kids (figured the kidless ones generally wouldn't want to come).  Pizza and cake, and by 2:30, my son was exhausted.  He didn't open presents until after a bunch of people left, and only opened ones from those folks who stuck around.
My question is, was that okay?  On one hand, I understand people get a gift because they want to see the kid open it.  On the other, the kid is 2 and barely made it through half the gifts before needing a nap.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please weigh-in below...


  1. I think its fine....We had Ethan's 1st birthday and actually didn'topen gifts until a bunch of people left, also if you have it out somewhere you generally dodn't get enough time to open gifts either....

  2. totally fine! adults need to realize it's not about THEM at kid parties. nothing is worse than an overtired kid being pulled 12 different ways so that Aunt Agnes and Grandma are happy. Besides, the attention span a youngster would only lead to sensory overload at gift-time. get over it grown-ups!
    the junes  =)

  3. Not a big deal at all.  We've been to a number of parties where presents are not opened during the party (particularly if it's out somewhere where there's a limited timeframe), and both  have been to and are throwing one where there's a request not to have gifts given at all.

  4. Thanks guys--I figured it was okay, but it's nice to have confirmation.  Was curious if I was inadvertently upsetting my family!