Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top 5 Best Star Trek: Enterprise Characters

Through the magic of Netflix, I recently watched all of Star trek: Enterprise in a relatively short time.  The show was pretty mediocre overall, but there were a few good, and maybe some stand-out performances, which are the topic of today's post.

Wanna "mind meld," if ya know what I mean..."
5: T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) - She is here because this is a top 5 list, otherwise I would have included 1-4 and stopped there.  But while we're on the topic of T'Pol. let me say this: I've read a lot about how Jolene Blalock was terrible in this role.  They talk of how she was so emotional (Vulcans are supposed to hide their emotions) and how she was brought in to be sexy (then these same complainers point out that she isn't sexy because she's too thin and artificial looking).  I'll step up and defend her performance.  I thought T'Pol was a fine character.  Nothing special, but just, well, fine.  She didn't detract form the show (and given this cast, that's saying a lot!).

Stop calling me "Al"!
4: Colonel Grat (Dean Stockwell) - First, Dean Stockwell has acting chops.  Second, he has sci-fi credibility (he starred in Quantum Leap with the Captain of this Enterprise, Scott Bakula, and later had a major recurring role on Battlestar Galactica).  It was great to see him and Bakula back together, and unfortunate that the writers never found a way to work him back into the show.

In this mirror world I'm injured and much, much cooler.
3: Mirror-Universe "Trip" Tucker (Connor Trinneer) - I found the Trip Tucker character annoying throughout the run of the show.  Was he supposed to be smart or dumb?  Tough or a wimp?  An engineer, a hick, or both?  He never made sense (probably the writers' fault--I didn't think the acting was particularly bad).  But in the mirror universe he was bad-ass (probably because his face got all messed up, making him him die a little on the inside).

Yeah, they made me wear this stupid make-up, but I made the best of it.
2: Phlox (John Billingsley) - This is the first ship's doctor who acted like a doctor and didn't rely on technobabble to fake his way through it.  He was also the only one on the ship who seemed to understand the point of traveling around in the Star Trek universe and didn't act like a complete idiot just because circumstances of the ship/crew changed (e.g., under attack, poisoned, kidnapped, etc.).  He was just chill pretty much through the whole show.

I'm blue and have antennae.  Campy, ain't I?
1: Thy'lek Shran (Jeffrey Combs) - The "Andorians" are about as hokey 60s sci-fi as it gets, with their blue skin and antennae, but Combs owned this role--he played it so well that I took his character seriously, even when looking like a cartoon character.  By the end of the series, I was mostly tuning episodes out, but when I heard Combs, I immediately focused in.  It's too bad they didn't use him more.

Okay, so the series was not very good, and the acting was, at times, pretty bad, but I really, really liked 1 and 2, and thought 3 and 4 did well in their roles.  Did anyone watch this show?  Can anybody out there even leave a comment?  (I'd love it if you could!)


  1. Wrong series, but, uh huh...  I'll eventually get around to doing a "hottest women of Star Trek" or something like that...

  2. Seven of Nine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green chick Kirk banged ... The all powerful Kirk... Picard he kinda grew on me. Opps just saw the series ... NM please disregard my previous ramblings

  3. Watched a couple of episodes. Liked the idea of trying to work backwards from what already existed in the future of the universe.
    That being said, I gave up on it pretty quick, so I barely remember anyone past Scott Bakula.

  4. I actually enjoyed T'Pol because if you really watched the show, her emotional side was explained. It was a great way of showing a terrifying side to the Vulcans, and exploring the race a bit more deeply.

    I loved Enterprise, was a GREAT show. Though Kes from Voyager is still my all time favorite Star Trek character, and Voyager my favorite series, Enterprise was an amazing look at the universe, and I really wish it would have lasted longer.

  5. I liked Enterprise, but HATED Voyager. That said, Kes was among my favorites from that show (see here: