Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 5 Best Sweet Breakfast Cereals

We've discussed the best non-sweet cereals, but for these, the commercials excited us, the sugar hooked us, and we've never looked back.  Although by my count there are almost a dozen terrific sweet cereals, the list had to get pared down to five.  And the five best sweet cereals are...

5: Honey-Comb (Post) - There is a point at which Honey-Combs have soaked in just enough milk to make them have a burst of sweet-milky flavor while remaining slightly crispy.  You can easily down a couple bowls of this without even realizing it.

4: Lucky Charms (General Mills) - This sweet and crunchy cereal is very good on its own, but the marshmallows shaped like various lucky charms (hey!) make this cereal truly unforgettable.  A quick word on cereal marshmallows: they taste like freeze-dried "astronaut ice cream" which(as every kid on a field trip to the planetarium knows) is awesome!

3: Cinnamon Toast Crunch (General Mills) - These do not taste like cinnamon toast.  They taste a little like "Life" with a ton of cinnamon sugar thrown on top.  Whatever, they're amazing.  FYI, there used to be three guys on the packaging, then one day there was only one (the guy who's left is Chef Wendell, the other two were officially not named, but are sometimes called Bob and Quello).  Authorities suspect foul play, but the statute of limitations is almost up, and this mystery may go unsolved.

2: Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries (Quaker Oats) - Ah, the cereal that tears up the roof of your mouth, but it worth every cut and rip.  Cap'n Crunch is a great cereal--a hall of fame cereal--but when you add Crunch Berries, it moves into Ruth/Cobb territory.  There is nothing quite like this cereal, and nobody has yet been able to pinpoint exactly what that flavor is, but it's amazing.

1: Count Chocula (General Mills) - The total package--it has chocolate pieces, chocolate marshmallows, turns your milk into chocolate milk, and its spokesperson is a vampire.  Unfortunately, it is now, apparently,  seasonal.  Stock up while you can!

Sorry fruit fans, but the best fruity cereal (probably Fruity Pebbles, assuming you know a Crunch Berry isn't an actual thing) ranks no higher than 6th (though it is delish).  Also, props to General Mills for having three of the top 5 (a big part of why it's the best cereal company)!  I'd love to see some debate about this one, so please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Stand up for your favorite cereal!!!  And "like" our new Facebook page!


  1. Either Honey-Combs shouldn't be on this list or I need to try honey-combs again. I think I'll do the latter.

    I am a little dissapointed in a lot of these cereals as they seem to have made them healthier, and therefore less tasty. More sugar, less health!

  2.  I'm in love with anything with lots of honey in it.
    And I don't agree with Sooz. Here in Europe cereal is quite healthy, and ofcourse less sweet, but that's why I add a spoon of sugar or just microwave my bowl of honey pops with milk before I eat them.
    Makes them slimey and suuuuper sweet! Yum! xD

  3. I *almost* included Pops. LOVE it when they get all slimy from the milk. A top 10 cereal no doubt!

  4. Hello? Cookie Crisp?  It has chocolate chip cookies AND it's served in milk.  What's better than that? Although I do enjoy #2.

  5. So you like cereals that are high in fiber?  lol...  anyone?  anyone?

  6. Where is Cookie Crisp?! :)

  7. Alright, Cookie Crisp fans (I'm looking at you, @a3b7e3f1000a793ed949dee0dcfe5a66  and @3a459746c2c446d520d352c12edba9de ), here's my thought--no.  Cookie Crisp is a terrific idea, and we all have fond memories of it.  However, if you've had i recently, you know that it is NOT made up of cookies, and the chocolate chips are neither chocolate, nor chips.  Believe me, I considered Cookie Crisps when making this list, but hey don't belong here.  Besides, what would you remove to make room for them?  

  8. I admit, Lucky Charms and I have had a thing going on for a long time. I absolutely love Lucky Charms. Coco Puffs are also really good, but Lucky Charms will always hold a special place in my heart (and stomach). 

  9. Coco Puffs are a top 10 cereal, no doubt.  But I couldn't rationalize including them in the top 5.  Plus, looking at chocolate cereals, it's hard to pick Coco Puffs over Cocoa Pebbles or Count Chocula!

  10. Personally, my top three are (1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch, (2) Honeycomb, and (3) Cocoa Krispies.

    So that.