Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 5 Coolest Sound Effects

The 2012 Oscars are behind us, and we here at KT5 think there are some people who routinely get overlooked--the sound guys.  Sure, the Oscars ceremony had sound issues of its own, but that's all the more reason to give props to the sound guys who get it right!  And extra special props to those who appropriately utilize these, the top five sound effects:

5: Cat Screech - If you watch a lot of movies--and you know you do--you'll recognize this cat's screech.  This sound effect has been around for decades, and usually crops up when someone tosses something off-screen.  Typically, there is no cat in the scene and no reason for a cat to be in the scene.

4: Red-Tailed Hawk Screech - Every Eagle, Hawk, and other bird of prey you see is the same Red-Tailed Hawk.

3: The TARDIS - The iconic sound of the take-off and landing of the Time And Relative Dimension In Space police box that the Doctor and his Companion(s) travel in has an interesting history (detailed here).  If you don't know this sound effect, you should.  (Or you should be happy you're less of a geek than our typical readers.)

2: Breaking Celery - When you see Chuck Norris break someone's arm, or watch [action star] snap someone's neck [catchphrase!], that sick *crunch* you hear is probably celery.  Normally mild-mannered, celery gets crazed when angered...

1: Wilhelm Scream - You may never have heard of it, but you've certainly heard it, in these scenes and countless others:

So, do these sound familiar to you?  Are there other you think are more iconic, funnier, cooler, or more popular?  If so, tell us about it in the comments below, and please share this post on Facebook and "like" our page!


  1.  I love the Wilhelm Scream. It's in everything

  2. Had never heard of the Wilhelm Scream.  Now I'll never be able to unhear it...

  3. It's an earworm.  You're screwed.

  4. Ok, lovin' that you included the Wilhelm scream and the fact that both Star Wars and Spaceballs used it is priceless.  (although Robot Chicken using it is pretty great as well)  Always love the hawk screech as well.  Now having said that, I think Michael Winslow deserves his own category on here--I'm sure he can do all of these himself!

  5. You forgot the record skip/complete silence effect that happens everytime something awkward happens in tv/movies. I've give anything for that to happen just once in real life.

  6. Ha! You're right! That's such a great effect! Lol...

  7. The Wilhelm scream is all over a ton of Adult Swim shows. I've called it out in Venture Bros. on many occasions.