Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 Creepiest Antique Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!  You may think this is a Hallmark holiday, but the tradition of sending Valentines goes back a long way.  I love searching the interwebs for old Valentine's Day cards.  Here are my five favorite unintentionally creepy antique Valentines.

5: "To my Valentine"--this is what you get for dropping all those hearts, bitch.

4: I love you so much.  Let's get fried up and eaten by a fat tourist at a truck stop diner.  It's like Romeo and Juliet, only tastier!

3: Holy Jeebus!  Get this girl some ointment, and keep her away from that guy she likes!

2: "I'm out hunting for a Valentine.  Are you game?"  If I say yes, are you going to shoot me?  You've got that crazed look in your eyes.

1: Really?  I'd "veal" much better if you didn't kill that bloody baby cow.  

And here's your Valentine's Day bonus--the Krampus, who usually follows St. Nick at Christmas and punishes bad children makes a special appearance in this card to skewer a few hearts.  Guess he's been told "no" a few times...
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  1. All are creepy but the fourth one ...really you are going on hunting..??/

  2. Yeah Vimal Dwivedi , that fourth one is really crazy!  These are all old--something like that would never be accepted these days!

  3. its pratik here,
    third image is really cute, nice collection btw.

  4. The pictures that you show a unique and rich shades of antiquity. Images are a bit difficult in looking for and I like it. Happy blogging

  5. Inez Falencia Thanks Inez--appreciate the comment and appreciate you stopping by.  Hope to see you back!
    pratik_thorat Thanks!  Hope you visit again!