Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Cities I've Lived In

I've lived in a few different places, and I'm guessing you have too.  here are the best places I've lived--take a look then add your favorite city you've called home to the comments below!

5: Bridgeport, CT - I grew up here.  Yeah, it's a little ghetto, but I have a lot of roots laid down in the place, and this list wouldn't feel right without it.  If I leave out the times I was jumped for trick-or-treat candy, or had guns pulled on me by Latin Kings, it was a pretty groovy place!

4: Stamford, CT - It's close enough to New York City to have good restaurants and a lively downtown area, but far enough that I can afford to live in a nice house in a good neighborhood.  It's crazy how priorities change...

3: Indianapolis, IN - I remember two things about my time in Indy: (1) I played beerpong every weekend and most weeknights in the beerpong room below my bedroom, and (2) every year there was a big race, which served as an excuse to drink (because I needed one).

2: Hoboken, NJ - When I lived here, in my mid-20s, there was a bar on every corner, and amazing restaurants on every block.  It was paradise...  (Until someone broke into my apartment through the fire escape--that part sucked.)

1: Rochester, NY - I lived here for two years, and every summer weekend--literally--there was a street fair somewhere.  Plus, this place has Dinosaur BBQNick Tahou's Hots (home of the garbage plate), and the 10 Ugly Men festival.  What more could you want?

I was tempted to make this list "lived or worked in" just to include Manhattan, NY, but ultimately decided that was a cheat.  Also, thought about changing it to "In Which I've Lived" to ease the minds of the grammar nerds, but decided to flip 'em the bird.  What's the best city/town you've ever lived in and why?  I really appreciate your comments, and would love to see some here.


  1. Man, I have no idea how to rank mine...
    #1 is probably Los Angeles for way too many crazy reasons (most of which I can't publish online...);
    #2 is definitely Boston a/k/a TitleTown (10 years, 4 teams 7 Championships v. NY 10 years, 9 teams 3 championships);
    #3 Hoboken (a mi me gusta the city/town/single/family mishmosh (is that a word?));
    #4 NY, NY.  (Sports teams are underachieving lately - 27 championships are nice for NYY but most of them were before I was born and the rest of the teams are pathetic...City is decent though...'Nuf said);
    #5 probably Allston, MA.  Like Hoboken but in Boston.  Didn't live right in the heart of Allston though, so it dropped a bit.

    Indy?  That's pretty cool.  I've never spent time in the middle of the country - just nibbled along the edges.

  2. You are in luck. A piece of #1 is headed to #4. A Dinosaur BBQ is opening in Stamford.