Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Seinfeld Moments

Guest Blogger Christie offers up today's top 5...

Everyone who watches Seinfeld has their favorite moments.  Some are more popular than others, (The Contest is a perfect example) and most have made it into someone’s top whatever list over the years.  My personal favorite moments are not necessarily those that full episodes revolved around, but things that may have happened during the episodes (with the exception of one scene that an episode was named after, because it is so classic).  Anyway, here are my personal favorite Top 5 moments on Seinfeld:

5: The Pony.  Jerry at a family dinner makes the mistake of rambling about how he hates ponies and the kids who had them.  Unbeknownst to him, his aunt had one back in Poland.  The scene is like a train-wreck.   It’s so uncomfortably funny that you don’t want to look and don’t want to miss it all at the same time.  “Who thinks an immigrant is ever gonna have a pony?”  [Ed. note: Had trouble getting the Youtube embedded for this one--click on the name for the clip.]

4: Jerry tries to kill George.  It’s a quick scene.  And yet every time I see it, I crack up.  George is in the hospital and asks Jerry to kill him but not thinking that Jerry would take him seriously.   Jerry’s serial-killer like mannerisms are fantastic.  (Any idea what language that closed-captioning is?)

3: Pigman.  Leave it to Kramer to find a half-man-half-pig while on a visit to the hospital to see a friend’s new baby.  He makes it his mission to set the Pigman free as only Kramer can!  “The government has been experimenting with the Pigman since the 50’s!!!”

2: Overture!  Jerry breaking out into the Looney Tunes theme song in full tux is to me, one of the finest moments in the show.  “It’s so sad that all of your knowledge of high culture comes from Bugs Bunny cartoons.”  When Elaine said that to Jerry I thought, "Hey!  That’s how a lot of us were exposed to the great classic works!!!"  Don’t diss the Bugs.

1: Look to the cookie Elaine!  While at a bakery buying a cake (um, pardon me, Babka) for a dinner party they are attending, Jerry equates the famous large black and white cookies to an argument for race relations.  He waxes poetic on how the two sit side by side and get along just as it should be in life.  Unfortunately, the cookie backfires on him and his stomach ends up feeling as if he has, “Dukes and Farrakhan down there.”  Thus ending his no-vomit streak.

There are of course other moments I would’ve loved to put in here.  In the cookie episode there is the famous cinnamon monologue that is simply awesome.  And another favorite is the "Pez dispenser."  Picking just five is almost painful from a show filled with classic, comic gems.  

What scenes stand out for you?  There are of course the obvious "Soup Nazi" and "Puffy Shirt" episodes.  However, it is the little things that provide the reason we still watch it endlessly on reruns.  Share your favorites below, and don't forget to "like" our new Facebook page and share this post with your friends!  (And check out Christie's other guest posts here.)


  1. Nice job, Christie!  One of my favorites is the Frogger scene with George, and the Junior Mint scene with Kramer at the hospital.  As you said, there are so many great moments from that show.

  2. Thanks!  It was hard to narrow it down to just 5.  ("I've yadda-yadda'd sex.")

  3. Love the cookie - especially because of the continuity problem (the black and white switch sides at 30 seconds...yeah, I'm a continuity geek... I smell a guest post....)

  4. I have no clever adds. Just want to boast that I'm in a shot of the audience that's watching Jerry and George's sitcom pilot "about nothing" being filmed.

    My ring is available for kissing.