Friday, February 10, 2012

Top 5 Funniest Baseball Cards I Owned

So there might be funnier baseball cards (and if there are, please link to them in the comments), but these are the funniest cards I owned.  (Note the past tense--the only one I still have kicking around is #1, because it's rad.)

Bo knows baseball cards.
5: Bo Jackson (Score, 1990) - This one is less funny than it is cool.  Bo knew football and baseball--the two-sport athlete made a big splash in the short time he played.  "Short time," you ask?  Yeah, Bo also knew how to sustain a career-ending (football) and career-shortening (baseball) injury from a routine tackle.

Much like Wes Welker, Nolan's receivers couldn't catch his 100 mph passes.
4: Nolan Ryan (Upper Deck, 1989) - Wait...  Something looks wrong here...

I'm a chicken!  Bock, bock.
3: San Diego Chicken (Donruss, 1983) - Most teams don't have mascots.  It sort of cheapens the game.  The San Diego Padres, however, embrace their chicken.  He was popular enough to get his own baseball card, despite leading the league in pratfalls and never, ever reaching base safely.

"Weird" Pete Ladd was less catchy than the polish name he ultimately settled on.
2: Pete Ladd (Topps, 1986) - When he wasn't pitching for the Mariners, he was recording parodies of Michael Jackson hits as Weird Al Yankovic.

His teammates were dicks.
1: Bill Ripken (Fleer, 1989) - Just click on the image and look at the knob of the bat.  Best.  Card.  Ever. (No, I didn't draw it on--his teammates were playing a prank.)

Somehow, I got all 5 major card companies from my youth into the list!  Anyway, did you collect baseball cards as a kid?  What were some of your favorites?


  1. That is such a good prank, made even funnier by the way he held the bat for that picture

  2. Poor billy.  Here are a couple other good ones. 

  3. That Ripken was such a sought after card back then. That's cool you got one. 

  4. I remember scavaging thru tons of baseball card packs looking for that fuckface card. I think I have one with the blackbox over it. As far as the Bo Jackson, that was a hot card. I had it somewhere before it was pilfered by my brother.

  5. Those are awesome!!!

  6. Johnny_Majic Makes you wonder if he was in on it.  I heard he wasn't, but you never know...
    @be9b8e50ebed648782b46ceb31fb3160 Thanks!
    @5aa310a990f517516d159891d5458829 Dennis King Yeah, I had the black box one, one with a black scribble, and one that was (badly) airbrushed--don't know where any of those went, but the "real" one was really a highly-valued commodity growing up!
    Nick Those are some good ones.  I've seen a few that are really good, but since I never owned them, they wouldn't fit.  I realize that's an arbitrary way to make a list, but I do these daily and they aren't my paid job, so I have to find ways to cutoff the research!!!  lol